Metropolitan New York Library Council

Where New York’s libraries and archives come together to learn, share ideas, and collaborate.

What we're about

Libraries do a lot these days. So does METRO. We were founded in the 1960s to deliver books between libraries. We still deliver books, and we also host digital collections, give out technology grants, house a digital media studio, and more. METRO is committed to supporting libraries,  in whatever form that takes. 


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The METRO Studio

Providing access to state of the art tools for recording, imaging, data recovery and more.

Resource Sharing

Helping libraries share their resources through our delivery services.

Software Services

Our team is developing a new, innovative digital repository system.


Building communities of practice.


Funding for digital projects, collection development, hospital services, and more.

Who We Are 

Metropolitan New York Library Council (METRO) is a non-profit organization that works at the intersection of knowledge and media.

We provide services that extend library and archival services by providing access to the tools knowledge producers needs in order to create, share, and preserve their messages.

This takes the form of connecting learners to information through our delivery service to providing continuous education to knowledge workers to hosting art exhibits and performances.

METRO is a platform for creating knowledge, no matter what form it takes.



From media preservation to web literacy to leadership skills, we produce nearly 50 events each year. Take a look at our calendar to discover a workshop that will take your career further.

Member Institutions

Types of Studio Equipment Services

Years in Business

Digital Projects Funded

Grant Program

Since January 2005, METRO has awarded over close to $900,000 in grants to support 92 digital projects.

Development Aid

The CCDA program provides annual grants to academic libraries at public and not-for-profit colleges, universities, and community colleges.

Library Services

The Hospital Library Services Program (HLSP) supports more than 65 hospital and medical center libraries in NYC and Westchester.