Our Library Referrals system makes it easier for students and researchers to locate materials or research across our member libraries.

See how it works below.

Books at Fordham Walsh Library


Through METRO's referral program, library patrons can search across METRO's member libraries for a specific book or item, or can visit another member library to view materials across entire subject areas. To participate in this service, library users should:

  1. Verify that the desired title or collection is not available in your home library or in the public library system
  2. Confirm in the METRO Member Directory that the library you are a member of is a METRO Referrals program participant. Please note: during the Covid era, METRO members are also maintaining this spreadsheet with their policies and hours of availability
  3. If you wish to research or study across a subject area, locate a host library that has a strong collection in your subject area
  4. Identify a library that has the title or collection available using OCLC, WorldCat, Docline, or related resources
  5. Work with library staff at your home library to place a request to visit the library holding the desired material. The request form is available to METRO members only. For access to this form, please email Mark Parson at mparson@metro.org
  6. Visit your member library and a librarian will check your information and fill out an online referral request form for you
  7. Remember: access restrictions may apply

The host library will determine the period and length of time a patron may have access to an item or collection. This service does not give users unlimited access to a library’s materials and does not guarantee they will be available at a given time. In most cases, access is limited to the specific item or subject.

For access to the referral form, or if you have any other questions about our referral service, please email Mark Parson at mparson@metro.org.