Who is this for?

  • This program is for Queer BIPOC students and early professionals within the first five years of their careers.


Who is eligible for this program?

  • Current students or recent professionals who identify as a Queer AND Black, Indigenous, or other Person of Color.
  • Students may be a part of a graduate program whose granting degree is markedly connected to libraries, archives, or information studies, namely who receive an MLIS or equivalent, and who anticipate entering the Libraries, Archives, or Information studies field. This may include students studying Preservation, Digital Technology, or User Experience. Early professionals who have graduated from such a degree-granting program in the past five years or less are also eligible to apply.
  • Special preference will be given to applicants who live or work in the five boroughs of New York City or Westchester County.


What is “or equivalent” as it relates to the MLIS?


How long is the program?

  • The program will begin in April 2024 with a single online introductory session to cover logistics and answer any questions, as well as to meet everyone. This date will be chosen based on participant availability. After this initial meeting, we’ll meet on Fridays in May, 2024 from 11 am to 2 pm. The final session will be on May 31st, 2024.

How many students/early professionals will be admitted?

  • We anticipate between 5-8 participants in the program. In addition to the program participants, we’ll have QBIPOC professionals as facilitators and institutional hosts to support the tour and conversation in each space.


How often will the group meet?

  • After the Zoom introductory session in April, the group will meet in-person once weekly on Fridays for the month of May 2024.


How can I apply?


When will interviews take place?

  • Interviews will be conducted via Zoom during the weeks of March 11th and March 18th, 2024. We will contact selected applicants to choose the time and date that works best for them. Interviews will be no longer than 30 minutes.


When can I expect to be notified? 

  • We will notify all applicants of their application status during the week of Monday, March 25th, 2024.