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The name of the library leading the collaborative project. 
Name of the primary museum partner
Is this museum partner a not-for-profit institution that possesses a Regents charter, or was it incorporated by the Department of State, or was it established by the Legislature.
Only one library and museum are requited to partner for eligibilty, but if there are additional libraries, museums, or other organizations in the proposal please name them here
Add a brief and catchy name for your proposed project here.
Please write 3-5 sentences clearly summarizing your project and what you intend to achieve. This summary may appear on METRO's website or any other places that the project may be promoted.
Please use up to 1000 words to describe your project. Remember to reference the guidelines, and be sure to speak about the impact you expect your project to have on the community it is meant to serve
Please describe how you will reach your target audience and how your project addresses diversity, equity, and inclusion.
Did you use the template to create your own timeline and budget, and did you email that as an attachment to