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  1. The Universal Elements of Good Design

    Everything in our lives was designed by someone, from the alarm that wakes us up in the morning to the book we read before going to bed. Across the myriad of objects, tools, and apps that we use every day, they were designed using the same fundamental building blocks: space, typography, color, motion, and sound.

    In this three-hour workshop, we’re going to break up our time into two parts. We’ll first do a deep dive into these core elements of design and review a variety of real world print and interactive examples to discuss how they impact the final design. Then we’ll take those learnings and discussion and put them into practice together.

    No previous design experience required to participate. This workshop is great for those that have an interest in design but have had little to no previous training.

    By the end of this workshop, participants will have:

    1. An understanding of the fundamental building blocks every designer uses in their work to create effective and compelling visual designs

    2. How to use these fundamental building blocks to design for print and screen

    3. Hands-on practice establishing designing and leveraging space, typography, color, and motion, and sound to create a unique visual language

    About our Instructor:
    Magera Holton, Co-founder at Related Works believes the best design is the one you’re least likely to notice. She most recently managed the Design Systems Team at Etsy, responsible for building core UX components and design guidelines utilized by product teams every day across the organization. She managed Buyer Experience, which focused on streamlining the purchasing experience and bringing Etsy’s unique content to the forefront.

    As an individual contributor at Etsy, she patiently deconstructed and redesigned the site’s two most critical user flows: checkout and the listing process. Prior to Etsy, she was the sole designer at Wesabe, a consumer finance startup, and spent a year freelancing while traveling the world. Magera received her B.F.A. in Design from UT Austin. When she’s not thanklessly unwinding complex user experiences, you can find her obsessing over renovations to her new Rockaway home. And surfing, of course.

  2. Islandora: Behind the seams

    Now that you possibly experienced the dashboard and learned how it is administered (, Diego Pino will generously share with the group with step by step instructions on how Islandora is typically installed and configured.

    You are welcome to being your laptop, but not necessary if you want to just sit back and enjoy the installation ride. Note: please return to this meetup to learn of possible installation requirements and additions as a pre-requisite to Islandora previous to attending this 'workshop.'  For now, please make sure to install XAMP, MAMP or LAMP; this 'stack' might already be installed on your Macs or Linux machines, so test. 

  3. Introduction to GitHub for Librarians and Archivists

    This workshop will serve as an introduction to GitHub, the graphical user interface of Git, a distributed revision control system.

    We'll provide examples of GitHub usage in the library and archives field, including open-source software development, workflow documentation, and online reference guides. An in-depth introduction to the functionality and usage of GitHub in both the browser and desktop application will be provided.

    After attending this workshop, you will:

    • know what GitHub is, how it is used in the library and archives world, and be able to use it in your own work
    • be able to define and identify key functionalities of GitHub
    • be able to create your own repositories, branches, and commit changes through pull requests using both the desktop application and within the browser
    • have list of resources and examples of GitHub in order to further your learning

    Prior experience using GitHub is not necessary for this training. Please join us if you are interested in using this technology for collaboration and managing digital workflows.

    About our instructors:

    Dinah Handel is currently the Mass Digitization Coordinator at the New York Public Library. She previously worked for CUNY TV and the Barnard College Archives and Special Collections, and is a member of XFR Collective. She holds an MLIS from Pratt Institute.

    Ethan Gates is a graduate of NYU's M.A. program in Moving Image Archiving and Preservation and is now the program's resident Technician. He previously worked at the Amherst College Center for Russian Culture, and is also currently a member of XFR Collective.




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