Code of Conduct

At METRO, we strive to:

  • Support an open exchange of ideas within a safe and respectful environment, free from all forms of harassment, including those based on gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, health status, race, age, class, citizenship, veteran status, religion, or beliefs.
  • Offer a space of learning for our community by welcoming and respecting individuals from all professions and with all levels of education and experience.

We ask that all community members adhere to the following expectations:

  • METRO has a zero-tolerance policy for all verbal, physical, and sexual harassment. Anyone who is asked to stop a hostile or harassing behavior is expected to do so immediately.
  • Participation in discussions and activities should be respectful at all times. Please refrain from making inappropriate comments. Create opportunities for all people to speak, exercising tolerance of the perspectives and opinions of others.
  • METRO’s space includes a working office environment and a studio. Please be mindful and considerate of those sharing the space with you. Also, help us keep it clean and orderly so that others can enjoy an unencumbered environment.

Private space can be reserved for you while you are at METRO. Please contact [email protected] ahead of time to make those arrangements.

We work to ensure that METRO is a welcoming space for all. Please let a staff member know if you experience or witness any harassing behavior. If you believe anyone is in physical danger, please call 911 and then notify METRO staff.