Resource Sharing

METRO has developed and maintains unsurpassed services to facilitate resource sharing among our member libraries. Our resource sharing services open the world of knowledge to patrons of our member libraries by providing access to collections around New York City and Westchester County.

Delivery Service
METRO maintains a same-day delivery service among our member libraries. Delivery service ensures that our members can count on efficient access to items from collections throughout METRO's service area. 

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Referral Cards
METRO's Referral Card system expands patron access to collections and resources throughout New York City and Westchester County. We offer two levels of Referral Card service: yellow cards allow patrons to acess that one item that will complete their research, while blue cards provide full access to library collections beyond their home institution.

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Free Photocopy Interchange
To expand interlibrary loan service among METRO members, participants in our free phtocopy exchange can request photocopies of holdings from their peer institutions. This economical, speedy, reciprocal service encourages cost-effective resource sharing and wider use of scholarly resources throughout the METRO service region. 

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Contact Us
For more information about METRO's resource sharing services, contact Mark Parson at (212) 228-2320 or (917) 864-3639