We are pleased to share the Preserve This Podcast end-of-grant report, researched and written by Meridith Beck Mink. Read and/or download the full report.

The Preserve This Podcast (PTP) project was funded by a grant from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation to the Metropolitan New York Library Council (METRO) in 2018. The twenty-four-month project aimed to develop educational and outreach material on podcast preservation primarily for independent podcast producers. 

The project was co-led by Dana Gerber-Margie, Mary Kidd, Molly Schwartz, and Sarah Nguyen. In addition, Mary Kidd created the illustrations associated with the project, Molly Schwartz was the lead producer on the podcast series, Dana Gerber-Margie shaped the workshops, and Sarah Nguyen created the project’s online resources. The PTP team accomplished all major activities stipulated in the Mellon grant, including developing a preservation curriculum in the form of a five-part podcast series, a zine, and in-person workshops, all of which are freely available on their website. The primary goal of the project was to develop an outreach and education campaign to “change the behaviors of both podcast producers and cultural heritage professionals.” 

Meredith Beck Mink, our program evaluator, gathered data for this assessment from interviews and surveys conducted with the project leaders, curriculum advisory board members, workshop attendees, and podcast producers who engaged with the curriculum. Data reviewed in this report also came from three online surveys that captured feedback on the Preserve This Podcast (PTP) curriculum: one to podcast producers, one to students of a podcasting intensive course in which the PTP curriculum was taught, and one to members of the curriculum advisory board.

The report’s findings session highlights general feedback from the surveys. The recommendations section gives consideration to input received from members of the curriculum advisory board and the project leaders. In addition to the surveys and interviews, the assessor reviewed online materials and documentation associated with the project.

Read and/or download the full report.