METRO’s AV Media Transfer Rack is set up and ready for pilot projects!

On Monday, September 11, six members of the XFR Collective (Marie Lascu, Ethan Gates, Dinah Handel, Rachel Mattson, Mary Kidd, and Carmel Curtis) gave an introductory workshop about METRO’s new AV digitization station. At our transfer station, unstable audio and video media can be migrated to digital, preservation-level files. Our rack is unique in that it supports audio-to-digital video transfer, digital-to-digital video transfer, and audio transfer. The transfer rack and workflows were built and created by the XFR Collective as part of their partnership with METRO.

The rack in METRO’s studio has decks that can handle the following formats:

  • VHS videotape
  • U-Matic (also called ¾ inch) videotape
  • Betacam videotape
  • DVCam and miniDV
  • Compact Audio Cassette
  • ¼ inch Audiotape Reels

If you are interested in using the rack for any of your projects please fill out our inquiry form and we will get back to you! Find this form and all of our workflow documentation on the Studio page of METRO’s website under the “AV Media Transfer” section.