We’re excited to announce the two keynote speakers we will hear from at METRO’s 2017 Annual Conference.

Jeff Goldenson is the Library Director at Olin College of Engineering and a creative placemaker. He’s been a design researcher in variety of contexts: from the MIT Media Laboratory to EdLab at Columbia University to the Harvard Library Innovation Laboratory. He takes an experimental approach as Library Director while maintaining a deep respect for the founding mission of libraries. The Olin Library is an interdisciplinary hub for research, creativity, mixed-media events, and storytelling.

Marie Oestergaard is Head of Community Engagement, Partnerships and Communication, Dokk1 / Project Leader of Dokk1, Aarhus, Denmark. Since 2001, Marie has been part of Aarhus Public Libraries’ development of the physical library of the future. Focusing on interactions, user-involvement, network-development, prototyping and communication in the physical library space, Aarhus has investigated new technologies, involvement processes and learning. In a wide range of projects and processes with users, network and partners Marie has focused on the development of the “next library” – the library of the future.

You Should Speak, Too!

We hope you will consider presenting at our conference too! Submit a proposal by this Friday, October 14 at midnight. Here are the questions we ask on the form:

  • Name
  • Institution
  • Email
  • Collaborator info
  • Working title
  • Description
  • Questions about your presentation: ** If you were to assign your session three or four tags, what would they be? ** What time frame do you estimate you will need for your presentation? ** If your presentation is designed to be interactive, what activities will you include? ** We welcome a broad range of voices and ideas at this year’s conference. Please describe how your proposal helps to welcome new or underrepresented ideas or perspectives regarding our profession.
  • Twitter handle (optional)

Any questions? Email Davis Erin Anderson at [email protected].