METRO Meetups

We all have a lot to learn from each other. METRO loves to connect people who are doing similar work at different institutions.

One of the ways we do this is through our METRO Meetups program. Each Meetup group is convened by leaders in our field around a topic of interest to our community.

Don’t see any Meetups around the kind of work that you do? Check out our program guidelines to find more information about how to organize a Meetup.

Upcoming Events

Disk Imaging 101 and Emulation 101

What, when and how? In this session we will go beyond baseline digital preservation strategies and learn about disk imaging and emulation, when to perform these activities, and practical approaches for implementation. Intro to Disk Imaging and Demo:Erin Barsan and Rachel Egan: Small Data Industries Emulation and EaaSI:Ethan Gates: Yale University Library, Introduction to Emulation […]

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Metropolitan New York Library Council, 599 11th Avenue, 8th Floor
New York, NY US
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Volunteer Orientation for the Prison Library Support Network’s Reference Project

Join us for the first-ever volunteer orientation for Prison Library Support Network's new Reference Project. After attending this orientation you will be able to remotely answer reference questions from people incarcerated in NYC correctional facilities. While public libraries offer services to correctional facilities in NYC, they are not able to circulate their general collections in […]

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Interference Archive, 314 7th St
Brooklyn, NY 11215 US
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Using Emulators to Resurrect Recovered Data

You've preserved data from legacy media only to find that access depends on outdated software. Now what?

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Metropolitan New York Library Council, 599 11th Avenue, 8th Floor
New York, NY US
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PLSN Prison Abolition Book Club #4

On January 27th at 6:30pm, the Prison Abolition Book Club returns to discuss the session 4 readings from the Black & Pink prison abolition class syllabus: “The American Indian in the White Man’s Prisons: A Story of Genocide,” Little Rock Reed in The New Abolitionists: Neo-slave Narratives and Contemporary Prison Writings, Joy James (State University […]

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Metropolitan New York Library Council, 599 11th Avenue, 8th Floor
New York, NY US
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SOLR for Newbies

Go behind the scenes of SOLR. Learn the search technology behind many of the products we know and/or love. This is an introductory workshop to Solr, the fast and open source search platform that powers a lot of library products. This workshop is geared to anyone that has never used Solr, or anyone who uses […]

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Metropolitan New York Library Council, 599 11th Avenue, 8th Floor
New York, NY US
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Meetup Groups

Accessibility (A11y) in Libraries

Lauren Kehoe and Brita Servaes, Co-organizers

Accessibility (A11y) in Libraries Meetup is open to all individuals and organizations that are interested in promoting, developing, and implementing accessible services, resources, and facilities in libraries.


Esther Jackson, Organizer

Open to all library staff interested in the coding, deployment, and design of library software, systems, and web services. This local chapter of Code4Lib, known as Code4LibNYC, aspires to channel the spirit of the national organization. We were formerly known as the “Library 2.0” SIG at METRO. We want to provide a forum for software and web developers and programmers, who work at area libraries, to discuss their ongoing projects.

Digital Preservation

Stephen Klein, Organizer

Hosted by Metropolitan New York Library Council, the Digital Preservation Interest Group is an inclusive group designed to facilitate growth in the communities forming around initiatives to preserve a wide array of digital assets (software, multimedia and websites) using an array of methods & tools. We seek to support professionals in libraries, archives and museums engaged in digital preservation and web archiving, as well as students and others new to the field. With meetings and presentations held throughout the year we will provide a venue for professional development and a forum for open discussion of common interest.

Economic & Business Librarians

Lucy Heckman and Dan Hicks, Organizers

The Economic & Business Librarians Group brings together public, academic, and special librarians with a background and/or interest in business librarianship to discuss new resources or best practices in the field.

Instruction and Reference in Libraries

Linda Miles, Haruko Yamauchi, Kate Adler, and Shawnta Smith, Co-organizers

This group comes together to share ideas, questions, and experiences from our teaching and reference practice.

Library Assistants and Support Staff

Cheryl Marriott, Organizer

LASSA’s mission is to foster the recognition and support of the professional contributions of all library assistants, support staff and associates through the circulation of information, the availability of education, and constructive dialogue within the library community.

Library Resource Sharing/Interlibrary Loan MeetUp

Beth Posner, Organizer

The Library Resource Sharing/Interlibrary Loan MeetUp focuses on issues, news and discussions about traditional interlibrary loan services and all related library resource sharing activities.

Prison Library Support Network

Manuela Aronofsky, Mary Mann, and Mia Bruner, Co-organizers

The Prison Library Support Network is an information-based collective that aims to redistribute resources and provide support to incarcerated people. Our work is rooted in our recognition of systematic violence that the prison industrial complex creates. We believe that information is a tool for prison abolition, and that we must create space for people who want to commit and redistribute their own capacities and resources.

Racial and Social Justice in Libraries and Archives

Diana Moronta and Andrea Battleground, Co-organizers

Racial and Social Justice in Libraries & Archives welcomes all librarians, archivists, and other information professionals who are interested in activities on community-centered activism, social movements, and outreach. Through meetings, presentations, discussion groups, and other events, we will reflect on and rethink the intersections of libraries and archives with social justice struggles. Some questions we will explore include: How do the ways we preserve, analyze, document and mobilize our collections, instruction, and services connect with the work of community activists in their fights for racial, economic, and gender justice? What does it mean to have a commitment to social justice in our profession and practice? How does librarianship embrace, challenge, or hinder various forms of access to information, documentation, and archives?