Software Product Manager - Whirl-i-Gig

Posted on July 27, 2017


Whirl-i-Gig’s software team seeks an experienced manager who can blend technical knowhow with an aptitude for managing, organizing and leading in a multi-faceted role. This position is responsible for working with a diverse team of developers, consultants, and company leadership to manage a variety of project-, product- and business-based administration.

The Software Product Manager will be expected to supervise the weekly work of WIG’s six-member staff using established project management methodologies and one-on-one check-ins. The Manager will be responsible for ensuring all project and product milestones and deliverables are met in a timely manner and within budget. The Manager will resolve road blocks through collaboration with other team members, escalating project issues to company leadership when necessary. Where applicable the Manager will also interface directly with clients in the role of Project Manager. In addition to weekly supervisorial tasks the Manager will handle new business inquires, contracting, and coordinate product documentation and product support through various channels. The Manager will work with company leadership and staff to articulate and execute an overall strategic plan as well as shorter range and day-to-day planning. The ideal candidate will have both administrative and technical skills with a proven track record in business and software development.


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