School Librarian/Media Specialist - Academy of Mount St. Ursula

Posted on July 11, 2017


The Librarian/Media Specialist for the Academy of Mount St. Ursula is responsible for maintaining and running the school library media center daily during the academic year from 8am to 4pm. He/she will order resources, create and track student records and maintain a database of library materials. The librarian will also be responsible for working with administration, faculty, staff and students with use of instructional technology (i.e. computers, Internet research, Ipads, Smart Boards, projectors, and Google Chromebooks). He/she must be able to work with students on research papers and at times provide class instruction about research and paper writing. The librarian will serve on various school committees and report directly to the school principal.


Program Administrator • Maintains and operates library media center for use by students, faculty, and staff from 8:00am to 4:00pm during the academic year • Writes and enforces library policies and procedures • Creates and maintains in the school library a teaching and learning environment that is inviting, safe, flexible, and conducive to student learning • Uses Destiny Library Manager to create student library accounts, track circulation records, send overdue notifications, and maintain accurate records of library materials in the catalog • Prepares, maintains, and justifies budget for library materials and supplies • Selects, orders, catalogs, and processes all print and digital materials, equipment, and supplies • Continuously evaluates the library media program and plans for future development with faculty and administrators • Composes reports documenting activities and statistics in order to provide evidence of the relevance of the library media program, as well as guide the development of the program • Provides assistance to students with research and use of computers, printers, photocopiers, Chromebooks, and tablets in library media center • Shelves, catalogs, and retrieves books according to Dewey Decimal Classification • Repairs damaged books • Coordinates and facilitates the execution of special events in the library media center • Facilitates the setup of technology for events in the auditorium, cafeteria, and other school spaces • Maintains records of circulation for audio/visual materials borrowed by faculty from the library media center • Troubleshoots technological issues in classrooms for faculty as needed throughout the school day

Information Specialist • Plans and develops the library collection, including selecting and purchasing appropriate materials in collaboration with students and faculty • Understands copyright, fair use, and licensing of intellectual property, and promotes the ethical use of information

Instructional Partner • Remains flexible in collaborating with faculty to plan research skills and information literacy lessons to support their curricula • Plans lessons, gathers materials, and delivers lessons in research skills throughout the school year on an as-needed basis • Prepares instructional materials such as pathfinders for teachers

School Leader • Serves on Technology and Education Planning Committee with other members of administration and faculty • Remains current in professional practices, instructional technologies, and methods of integrating technology in the classroom • Represents the school and library media center at school events, Open Houses, and recruitment events • Shares expertise during faculty meetings, including professional development opportunities • Encourages faculty and students to access and utilize the library media center and its resources • Encourages reading in the school community • Enforces school rules


A Master of Library Science degree from a program accredited by the American Library Association is preferred but not necessarily required. School library media certification is desired, but not essential.


Depends on experience


Bronx, New York


To Apply

The Academy of Mount St. Ursula is searching for a Librarian/Media Specialist. . Contact the principal, Sr. Jean Marie Humphries, osu, PhD, at [email protected] if interested. Please include a current resume and writing sample.

Company Information

Academy of Mount St. Ursula, 330 Bedford Park Boulevard, Bronx, NY 10458 718-364-5353 Established in 1855, The Academy of Mount St. Ursula is an all-girls Catholic high school conducted in the Ursuline tradition and located in the Bronx. The Academy’s unique Catholic educational mission is to serve young women of diverse cultures and socioeconomic backgrounds in a college preparatory secondary school conducted in the Ursuline tradition of fostering leadership and service to Church and community.

Contact Information

Contact Principal Sr. Jean Marie Humphries, osu, PhD [email protected] 718-364-5353 x211