Mutual Aid NYC

Together, Bronx Community College (BCC) and Mutual Aid NYC (MANYC) seek to hire a developer to design the front end of our CollectiveAccess instance.

This open-source archiving and exhibition platform will be used for both access to and preservation of organizing resources for the development of an Organizing Resource Library (ORL) to document mutual aid work in marginalized communities across NYC that were devastated during the COVID-19 crisis, and whose stories are at significant risk of being lost.

The Organizing Resource Library made accessible via CollectiveAccess will provide organizers the means to upload their own work, share it widely, and have it preserved for the future.

The ORL will be a free and fully accessible digital library and an archive of mutual aid organizing tools—created for, by, and in collaboration with mutual aid organizers in New York City. As a living archive, the ORL will preserve materials, inclusive of toolkits, guides, templates, and oral histories, from marginalized groups for the future; centers and honors the work done especially by marginalized peoples; and supports the growth and development of the mutual aid movement work across the city.

As a library, the ORL will co-locate materials relevant to and emergent out of a cross-section of the mutual aid movement, making crucial materials available to organizers at a moment’s notice. As an archive, the ORL will preserve organizing materials as historically relevant artifacts for future scholars and organizers.

As a library and archive that is first and foremost situated within ongoing social movements, the ORL offers a model for rethinking how archives and libraries can serve and support social justice movements, redefines who gets to be a librarian, and positions the agency of librarianship within communities impacted by the work of the ORL. Ultimately, these materials developed during the COVID-19 crisis will be made available to organizers, while also preserving documentation of mutual aid work for scholars and activists.

Given the amount of specialized labor that goes into building an instance of CollectiveAccess, MANYC and BCC view it as an issue of equity to prioritize hiring a New-York-based BIPOC front-end developer for their labor in designing it. This is directly in line with MANYC’s guiding principles to actively work to undo systemic inequities in ourselves, existing structures, and the new structures we support.

Metro Equity In Action Grant
The development of the ORL is generously supported by the 2021 METRO Equity in Action Grant, which aims to support METRO member institutions by providing funding that assists with new and ongoing efforts to preserve our cultural history and digital projects that focus on anti-racist practices and marginalized communities. Rooted in community and collaboration, this program encourages partnerships between organizations in order to cultivate a mutual knowledge exchange that empowers both parties and creates a pipeline for access.

We aim to have this project completed and our instance of CollectiveAccess up and running by the last week of May (1st week of June at the latest).

Our Platform
For this project, we have selected CollectiveAccess to both manage and make accessible documentation within the Library. CollectiveAccess is an open source collections management software that uses a system called Providence on the backend for cataloging, and a system called Pawtucket for front end web publishing. We have an instance of CollectiveAccess already installed on a server. We encourage applicants to read through CollectiveAccess’s documentation. Examples of projects that use CollectiveAccess can be found on the CollectiveAccess website and within CollectiveAccess’ documentation.

Job Requirements
Candidates for this position should have at least 2-5 years experience in web development and be proficient in understanding user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) design. Ideally, the candidate will have full stack development experience and be able to work on both the front and back end of CollectiveAccess. Though it is not a requirement, we will be especially interested to receive applications from individuals who have experience working with CollectiveAccess.

Skills And Qualifications
*Knowledge of HTML and CSS
*Proficiency with JavaScript
*Experience with UI layouts
*A solid understanding of a broad range of accessibility needs
*Understanding of code versioning tools such as Git
*Experience in testing and debugging
*Experience with responsive design, layout, and theming
*Experience in developing navigation

Preferred experience
*Per the nature of the grant, we prefer individuals who are based in New York City.
*Understanding of the ethics and practices of mutual-aid work
*Experience working with or in social justice organizing

The ORL is especially excited to receive applications from BIPOC tech workers.

This position will be compensated $8,000.00 for the completed project. All work will take place virtually.

To apply, please fill out our application form. It will ask you for basic directory information and a brief statement about why you want to work on this project.  You will be required to upload a resume or CV.

Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis. Preference will be given to applications received by April 1st, 2021.

Questions can be directed to [email protected]

To apply for this job please visit