On Monday, July 29, METRO Library Council released the first beta of Archipelago, a new open source repository system. More information and code for this project can be found at https://github.com/esmero/archipelago-deployment.

  • Ready to deploy now, our first beta release supports:
  • Images with an IIIF-enabled viewer with Openseadragon and Simple HTML as formatters
  • Audio files using HTML5 tags and subtitle tracks + future IIIF AV
  • Video using HTML5 tags and subtitle tracks + future IIIF AV
  • Panorama images via Panellum with hotspots that connect to any other digital object
  • Books via IABR V4 using IIIF, generated from Archipelago-managed images, an Internal IIIF manifest (via our twig template caster), external referenced images, or even an External Manifest URI
  • PDFs via IABR V4 using IIIF (we like the idea of unifying displays, no more PDF viewers v/s book viewers)
  • 3D Models: STL, OBJ via custom Three.js scripts

We are committed to building a constellation of Archipelago repositories for our membership as a core service; multi-tenancy is at the heart of the Archipelago concept.

We’ve got a lot more features on the way, and we’d love your input as we work to build the Archipelago infrastructure. Deploy your own repository by following the documentation at https://github.com/esmero/archipelago-deployment. Join our Google group at http://bit.ly/archipelago-list to share your feedback. We look forward to hearing from you!