The Suffragist Vol. 3, Issue 24Collection: Digitize Suffrage Periodicals

Description: Collection of 382 issues made up of 6,117 pages from two periodicals published by Women’s Suffrage organizations in the 1910s: The Woman Voter, published by the Woman Suffrage Party of New York City between 1910 and 1917, and The Suffragist, published by the Congressional Union for Woman Suffrage between 1913 and 1920. The Woman Voter covered news of the campaign for suffrage in each district in New York City. It listed the officers of each chapter of the Women’s Suffrage Party within New York City, reported the results of party elections, and featured profiles of individual suffragists. Activists for the cause contributed opinion pieces, updates about planned activities, and lists of major donors. While The Woman Voter, focused primarily on New York, The Suffragist was national in scope. It covered political news and major events, but also listed individual donors, and occasionally solicited contributions from guest writers. Now that these materials are digitally available via the Internet Archive, this has become the most complete online collection of the two periodicals available to the public.