1960 Annual Report of The Roosevelt Hospital Collection: Annual Reports of St. Luke’s and Roosevelt Hospitals

Description: This collection includes the Annual Reports for St. Luke’s Hospital (1859-1976) and the Roosevelt Hospital (1871-1978). These two famous New York City medical institutions were both founded in the 19th century to serve the worthy poor in the City. Both grew to include education in their missions, training both young doctors in their residency programs, as well as nurses in three year diploma programs. Many scientific and clinical innovations occurred at these institutions, but their primary mission was and remains service. The Annual Reports detail the stories of the hospitals: their needs, their supporters, the people they served, and how they interacted with their communities in New York City. The Reports also show the advance of medicine, including information about how the hospitals responded to various epidemics and public health crises, from 19th century cholera to 20th century drug addiction.