Special Interest Groups

The library community encompasses a vast spectrum of interests, specializations, and disciplines. To support the interests of our members, METRO hosts an array of Special Interest Groups (SIGs).

SIGs are open to staff from METRO member libraries, myMETRO members, and other interested individuals. SIG meetings are open to the public, and members interested in any particular SIG are welcome to join the SIG's discussion list.

Our 19 SIGs cover the following topics. Read more about each group below.

  • Bibliographic Instruction
  • Circulation & Reserves
  • Code4Lib NYC
  • CollectiveAccess User Group
  • Economics & Business Librarians
  • Government Documents
  • High School to College Transition
  • Interlibrary Loan
  • Library Assistants and Support Staff
  • Learning Beyond the Library
  • myMETRO
  • Open Access
  • Outreach & Advocacy
  • Reference
  • Science, Technology, and Medicine
  • Social Justice
  • Social Media
  • User Experience
  • Web Archiving


Bibliographic Instruction
Helen Lane and Linda Miles, Conveners

The Bibliographic Instruction Special Interest Group (SIG) is composed of individuals interested in various aspects of library instruction. Meetings throughout the year cover a wide range of instruction topics and offer important opportunities for networking and information sharing. The SIG also provides professional development opportunities through group discussion, and presentations by group members, vendors and others. Topics targeted for future meetings include instruction for targeted groups, distance learning and bibliographic instruction, developing assessment tools, and planning for the future needs of bibliographic instruction.

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Circulation & Reserves
Nora Almeida and Monique Prince, Conveners

The Circulation & Reserves Special Interest Group brings together individuals interested in discussing issues of shared concern. Possible topics for discussion include managing student and part-time workers, circulation and reserve software, fines and fees, policies, workflow, stacks maintenance, technology loans, assessment, and best practices.

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Stephen Klein and Tessa Fallon, Conveners

Open to all library staff interested in the coding, deployment, and design of library software, systems, and web services. This local chapter of Code4Lib, known as Code4LibNYC, aspires to channel the spirit of the national organization. We were formerly known as the "Library 2.0" SIG at METRO. We want to provide a forum for software and web developers and programmers, who work at area libraries, to discuss their ongoing projects.

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Collective Access User Group
Robin Camille Davis, Convener

The CollectiveAccess User Group at METRO was created in 2014. This group meets at METRO on a quarterly basis to discuss projects created with CollectiveAccess, development aspects related to the platform, and solutions for utilizing open source technology to manage collections.

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Economic & Business Librarians
 Lucy Heckman and John Balow, Conveners

This SIG brings together public, academic, and special librarians with a background and/or interest in business librarianship to discuss new resources or best practices in the field.

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Government Documents
Debbie Rabina and Jane Cramer, Conveners

Depository libraries provide free access to government documents collections, including electronic resources. The METRO Government Documents Special Interest Group is comprised of librarians from the depository libraries in the NYC area and others interested in access to government information. This group meets twice a year to learn more about issues and resources related to government information. The group provides a network of support for resource sharing, collaborative collection development, and other support for documents librarians.

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High School to College Transition
Kelleen Maluski and Brita Servaes, Conveners

The High School to College Transition SIG provides an opportunity for high school and college librarians to share their experiences. The group will help high school librarians prepare students for college. Academic librarians will gain a better idea of where students are coming from and how they can help.

Through conversation, this SIG will work to ease students’ transition between high school and college. Topics of discussion and presentations include college readiness, the first year college experience, and enhancing critical thinking. Librarians from public and independent schools, college, and universities, as well as support staff, are welcome.

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Interlibrary Loan
Beth Posner, Convener

The Interlibrary Loan (ILL) Special Interest Group (SIG) is composed of individuals involved in strengthening local information resource sharing though interlibrary loan services, document delivery, etc. The group focuses on issues of common interest, such as OCLC, management software systems like ILLiad and CLIO, policies and procedures, technology, best practices, etc.

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Learning Beyond the Library
Sarah Jewell and Ben Turner, Conveners

The Learning Beyond Libraries Group (SIG) is composed of individuals interested in services to distance and mobile library users. This group is joint effort of the conveners of the Distance Education and Mobile Computing SIGs, whose previous meeting topics have included the use of mobile technologies to enhance staff workflow and support users, remote instruction and reference, Web site usability, MOOC's, and collection management. The SIG also provides professional development opportunities through group discussion, and presentations by group members, vendors and others.

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Library Assistants and Support Staff
Rita Gregory and Mildred Graham, Conveners

The mission of the LASSA SIG is to foster the recognition and support of the professional contributions of all library assistants, support staff and associates through the circulation of information, the availability of education, and constructive dialogue within the library community.

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Karen Erani and Helen Tannenbaum, Conveners

The myMETRO membership is extraordinarily diverse in professional exeriences and backgrounds. We hope this SIG will provide a forum for us to share experiences and discuss career opportunities or find out "how others did it" and maybe lead us to think about jobs we would not have considered before.


Kathy Shaughnessy and Gina Robinson, Conveners

Libraries are often the only place that patrons can get access to important proprietary software and resources; however, life-long information and technology literacy entails being able to apply “library-acquired skills”  across work, home, educational, recreational, and civic environments,  within ever-changing budget constraints. This SIG welcomes all librarians and information professionals who would like to find/use/share  Free & Open Source Software (FOSS) and Open Access (OA)  resources, and who are interested in promoting an “open“ resource ecology.

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Outreach and Advocacy
Jenna Friedman and Mark Aaron Polger, Conveners

The Outreach & Advocacy SIG discusses innovative methods to advocate for programs, services, and staff. Topics of discussion include developing outreach goals, establishing your library's identity, creating a successful library campaign from start to finish, lemonading a library disaster into something positive, developing assessment tools to conduct community analysis, building partnership, and crafting visual materials.

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Margaret Smith and Shawn(ta) Smith-Cruz, Conveners

The Reference Special Interest Group is connects librarians interested in the issues related to the provision of reference services, including the similarities and differences between "reference" and "virtual reference." Our SIG meets quarterly at the offices of METRO to hold informal discussions on issues of our choosing.

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Science, Technology, Medical Librarians
Bruce Slutsky, Convener

The Special Interest Group (SIG) for Science, Technology and Medical Librarians is composed of individuals from libraries with substantial collections in the physical, life or natural sciences. Through meetings and other events, members work to identify and develop effectives strategies to promote the interests of professionals working in this area and their library organizations.

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Social Justice
Melissa Morrone and Cynthia Tobar, Conveners

The Social Justice Special Interest Group welcomes all librarians, archivists, and other information professionals who are interested in activities on community-centered activism, social movements, and outreach. Through meetings, presentations, discussion groups, and other events, we will reflect on and rethink the intersections of libraries and archives with social justice struggles. Some questions we will explore include: How do the ways we preserve, analyze, document and mobilize our collections, instruction, and services connect with the work of community activists in their fights for racial, economic, and gender justice? What does it mean to have a commitment to social justice in our profession and practice? How does librarianship embrace, challenge, or hinder various forms of access to information, documentation, and archives?

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Social Media
Cheryl Yanek and Davis Erin Anderson, Conveners

The Social Media SIG is for those who are involved (and those who would like to be!) with their organization’s social media channels and social media strategy. This SIG will serve as a means of sharing ideas, learning about new social media channels and tools, sharing best practices, and hearing social media success stories. The social media SIG is a great way to stay on top of current changes and challenges.

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User Experience
Lisa Chow and Sandra Sajonas, Conveners

If you're interested in the usability and user experience of libraries, the UX SIG is for you! Support our SIG for opportunities to collaborate on user experience projects, share ideas and resources, and to give and receive support and advice.

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Web Archiving SIG
Sumitra Duncan and Anna Perricci, Conveners

The Web Archiving Special Interest Group is an inclusive group designed to facilitate growth in the communities forming around initiatives to preserve websites and other online resources. We seek to support professionals in libraries, archives and museums engaged in web archiving, as well as students and others new to the field. With meetings and presentations held throughout the year we will provide a venue for professional development and a forum for open discussion of common interest.

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Read more about SIG Policies and Procedures on our METRO SIG Convener LibGuide. If you have specific questions about METRO’s SIGs, contact Davis Erin Anderson, Community Engagement Manager, at (212) 228-2320, ext. 122 or email deanderson@metro.org.