School Media Specialists

METRO has a lot to offer school media specialists in New York City and Westchester County. As a locally based organization, we provide our members with a venue to exchange ideas. We hope you'll join us for our in person workshops, take part in our webinars, and explore opportunities for on-demand learning through METRO!

If your school is affiliated with New York City's Department of Education, you are already a member! To get started with METRO, please begin by creating a member employee account, and don't forget to take advantage of all of the benefits listed below.

For those who are not affiliated with the NYC Education Department, benefits of METRO membership are available to you through our myMETRO program.

This guide will help you:


Create a Member Employee Account

If you are affiliated with NYC SLS, you are a METRO member! Create an account with us for access your benefits of membership.

1. Visit our Application for METRO Member Eployees page.

2. Scroll through the dropdown menu of our members. Select "New York City School Library System."

3. Provide your name, email, and phone number in Section I of the membership form.

You're all set! You are now registered with METRO and are free to take advantage of METRO's discounted workshops, grant opportunities, scholarships, and more!


Register for METRO's Webinars

METRO members - which include anyone who is affiliated with the New York City School Library System! - receive discounts on METRO's webinars. Here's how to sign up:
1. View all of our upcoming events with our event calendar, or use the tags on the calendar page to view only our upcoming webinars.
2. Select the event you'd like to view.
3. Click the "registration" button on the right side of the page.
4. Select your pricing as a METRO Institutional Member Employee.
5. Complete the registration form (don't forget to tick the box to receive event reminders!) and click submit.
6. Review the registration page and mark your calendar! 


Access Free Archived Webinars

Now that you are registered as a member, you may access our members-only archive of recorded webinar sessions!

1. Visit our Workshops and Webinars page.

2. Click the link to view Archived Online webinars.

3. Log in to view our recordings. 

4. Select the recording you wish to view. Adobe Connect will open in your browser, and the video will appear.


Sign Up for Access

METRO members may sign up for an eight-week, unlimited access "seat" at, an industry leader in online learning. 

1. Read up on our terms of service for access.

2. Complete our short online application

3. Check your email for a confirmation from Laura Forshay, METRO's Professional Development Manager. 


Register for Library Juice Academy Courses with METRO's Discount and Scholarships

Through our partnership with Library Juice Academy, who provides online courses specifically for librarians, METRO offers discounts on tuition as well as full scholarship to LJA's two- and four-week classes.

1. Read up on upcoming courses on our Library Juice Academy Courses and Scholarship Opportunities page.

2. To use your 25% METRO member discount, click on any class listed and use the code "METRO" during registration.

To apply for a scholarship, complete and submit the form on that same page. Our Professional Development Manager, Laura Forshay, will contact you directly if you've won.


Access METRO's Vimeo site

Watch videos of workshops, talks, and presentations hosted by METRO for free on our Vimeo page. Recent posts include an updates on New York City's DOE Office of Library Services department from Ric Hasenyager, a keynote speech on digital literacy and libraries by Renee Hobbs, a keynote speech on e-book/print hybrid models by Stephen Abram, and much more.



Contact METRO

If you have any questions about member benefits or METRO in general, please contact Tom Nielsen, Member Services Manager.