myMETRO Researchers

Now in its fourth  year, the myMETRO Researchers program provides myMETRO members with an opportunity to develop high level research skills while creating necessary resources for the New York City and Westchester County library and archives community. 

Read more about our 20122013, and 2014 cohorts of myMETRO Researchers. 

myMETRO Researchers
Winter 2015

The myMETRO Researchers Project supports myMETRO members interested in conducting independent research. The project encourages our members to exercise their research, reference, writing, and critical-inquiry skills in pursuit of a self-guided or team-based research project on a topic that advances knowledge within the information professions.

Members may participate in the 2015 project by:

  • proposing a team project,
  • joining a team project, or
  • proposing a self-guided project.

This year, we’ve identified four topic areas for further exploration: Privacy, Collections, Community, and Preservation. However, other topics will be accepted.

Members with research proposals may apply by completing the online form. The deadline for research proposals is December 8, 2014. Selected proposals will be announced and members interested in joining a team can apply to participate using a separate form available after December 20, 2014.

Up to four team and four individual projects will be chosen. All participants should expect to commit themselves to their project and present their results to the METRO community.

Throughout the five month duration of this project, METRO will help participants extend the reach of their research and provide each participant/team with the following research support:

  • a project consultation
  • at least one group check-in meeting
  • use of METRO referral cards to access METRO libraries
  • use of METRO office space by appointment
  • a one-hour coaching session on publishing or presenting your research
  • presentation venues
  • promotion of your project deliverables via METRO media channels and
  • scholarship money for conference or research purposes

Participants may submit their findings in formats including (but not limited to) white papers, videos, websites, and podcasts. The project will conclude with a public presentation from each group or individual.


Current myMETRO members are eligible. Lapsed or non-members must complete the myMETRO membership process prior to the start of the project.


Submit your research proposal via this online form.


Research proposals should address one of the four topic areas or another salient library-related topic. Proposals should also be reasonably scoped to be completed within the project time frame. Proposals that are selected will be promoted to myMETRO members ahead of the Project Kick-Off Meeting in order to facilitate the formation of research teams. You may be contacted by email if questions arise about your proposal.

Dates and Deadlines

Project Announced: November 6, 2014
Proposals Due: December 8, 2014
Project Kick-Off Meeting: January 28, 2015
Check-in Meetings: Week of March 9 and Week of April 27
Project Reports Due: June 26, 2015