myMETRO Professional Development Scholarship Application

The myMETRO Professional Development Scholarship seeks to improve the skills of local librarians, archivists, information professionals, students, and retirees. This scholarship supports those who need assistance to attend educational programs for personal or professional growth.

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Scholarship Guidelines

Scholarships are available for applicants who wish to attend an educational program and are willing to submit a report about what they learned. All current myMETRO members are eligible to apply. 

Eligible educational programs include workshops, courses, seminars, symposia and/or conferences that will improve your - leadership potential or marketability in the profession or your ability to be more effective in your present position.


Scholarship Application

Applications are accepted at any time. Submissions must include a completed application, amount requested, and a summary of what applicant hopes to learn at this event.

Scholarships will not exceed $150.