Member Services

METRO is proud to support member libraries, archives, and museums in New York City in Westchester. Through resource sharing, digital hosting services, grant support, and vendor discounts, our services help METRO members provide resources to their patrons.


Resource Sharing
METRO maintains same-day delivery among participating member libraries, a referral card system, and a free photocopy exchange for scholarly resources among peer instititions in our service area.

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Digital Services
METRO's digital services include collection hosting, a regional digital collection directory, access to research and planning documents, and a LibGuide with up-to-date resources for maintaining digital collections. 

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METRO is a leading source of grant funding for libraries and archives throughout New York City and Westchester County. Grant initiatives administered by METRO each year help hundreds of libraries get the financial support they need to meet critical challenges. We provide grants for collection development, digitization projects, technology upgrades, and more. 

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Vendor Discounts
METRO has arranged a panoply of discounts for products and services just for our members. Participating vendors include publishers, supply outlets, electronic databases, and more.

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Hospital Library Services Program
The METRO Hospital Library Services Program (HLSP) supports the work of more than 65 hospital and medical center libraries in New York City and Westchester County. We seek to develop, enhance, and improve the delivery of health care information between member libraries and health care professionals. We use outreach and targeted support to make sure that local hospital and medical center libraries apply for any grants for which they are eligible. 

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