Library Juice Academy Courses and Scholarship Opportunities

METRO is excited to announce a new partnership with Library Juice Academy (LJA), a division of Litwin Books that is dedicated to providing online professional development for librarians. Through this partnership, METRO members will receive discounted tuition for LJA workshops, and the two organizations will work together to address key professional development needs for librarians.

METRO members will receive a 25% discount on any LJA courses and webinars when they use the code METRO during registration. In addition, METRO will provide scholarships for METRO members to participate in one four-week course and one two-week course each month. Apply for a scholarship using the form below.  

Upcoming Library Juice Academy Courses:

Metadata Design
HTML, CSS, and the DOM

Beginning Programming in Python, Part I
Easy Patron Surveys
Developing a Website Content Strategy
Introduction to Readers' Advisory
New Initiatives in Academic Libraries: Tools and Tips
Business Writing: Producing Clear, Concise Policies, Procedures and Public Relations Materials
Transforming and Querying XML with XSLT and Xquery
Marketing the Library in the 21st Century

Introduction to Cataloging
Introduction to Drupal for Libraries
Introduction to Client-Side Web Scripting
Beginning Programming in Python, Part II
Introduction to the Semantic Web
Bringing Library Services to Mobile Devices
Techniques for Student Engagement in Library Instruction
Getting to Know: Romance
Introduction to Archives Administration and Management

Metadata Implementation
Introduction to RDA
Advanced Topics in Client-Side Web Scripting
Applied Programming in Python
Assessing and Improving Your Library's Social Media Presence
Getting to Know Your Users through Interviews and Focus Groups
Everyday Statistics for Librarians
Getting to Know: Fantasy
RDFa1.1 (RDFa and RDFa Lite) and RSS
Information Literacy, Composition Studies, and Higher Order Thinking


Scholarship Applications


For further details about METRO’s partnership with Library Juice Academy, please contact Laura Forshay, METRO’s Professional Development Manager, at