Stack Maintenance Attendant (temporary, hourly position) - Fordham University

Job Information


Reports to the Head of Access, Information and Collection Services & Operations Quinn Library, the Stack Maintenance Attendant will be shifting approximately 260,000 books which are currently in a closed stack area of the Quinn Library.


  • Move books from one shelf to another in Library of Congress call number order.
  • Remove books from non-adjacent shelves, place on carts, push/pull carts to final shelving destination, and move the books from the cart onto the shelves--ensuring that exact call number order is maintained.
  • Adjust shelving brackets and shelving heights to accommodate specific sized books, including lifting and carrying shelves, as necessary, and lifting and inserting shelves while standing on library step-stools, as necessary.
  • Adjust shelf ends, including removing and replacing shelf ends as necessary.
  • Insert, remove, and/or adjust both hanging bookends and sliding bookends on each shelf.
  • Straighten up each set of books on every shelf to create order and ease of use for patrons.
  • Resolve and troubleshoot compact shelving issues when needed while shifting.
  • Monitor Onshelf HOLDS  SIRSI Reports and retrieve and deliver requested materials to Library Services Desk for check-out or pick-up.
  • Assist researchers in locating materials when browsing permitted in QuinnX Stacks. 


15 hours per week, to be worked within 9:00 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday (no evenings or weekends). Likely three 5 hr. shifts 12 noon – 5PM. This position is temporary and provides no health or retirement benefits.

START DATE: As soon as possible

Position Reports To
Head of Access, Information and Collection Services & Operations Quinn Library
Fordham University / Quinn Library / Lincoln Center Campus

Job Requirements


• Heavy lifting is required, as well as the agility and physical stamina to climb up and down on book ladders and step stools, push heavy book trucks, and remain on one’s feet for long periods of time.
• Must be capable of understanding and implementing the Library of Congress call number sequences on each shelf.
• Must be self-motivated, highly detail oriented with the ability to prioritize tasks and work well with others in a team environment.

Company Information

Fordham University
New York NY 10023
United States

Contact Information

Nick Alongi
Phone: None
Contact Method

SEND LETTER, RESUME TO: Nick Alongi, Head of Access, Information, Collection Services and Operations;

(Please indicate “TEMPORARY POSITION QUINN” in Subject line of email)