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Are you looking for an ambitious new project where you can have a vast impact? Would you be excited to use big data for good? Do you speak the language of LOD, interoperability and data infrastructure?

 Join our revolutionary project, the HUMAN Project (THP), that is poised to disrupt traditional research and transform our understanding of human life from a data-driven perspective. This is an exciting opportunity to design core elements of a ground-breaking study with a 20 year horizon.

We are seeking an experienced and versatile Data Standards Manager to work with us on a holistic, future-proof vision of how we optimise use and re-use of data, select appropriate standards and help set up a federated data model.


Key Duties and Job Responsibilities

The Data Standards Manager will be a part of the Measurement & Technology team at THP.  Key responsibilities include:

  • Working closely with the THP leadership team to identify available data standards that address the needs of the THP study
  • Writing and expanding documentation of measurements and data dictionaries
  • Collaborating with a technical development team or data architect to set up data schemas and models from scratch
  • Reaching out and establishing relationships with organization that oversee leading practice in interoperability and related domains
  • Collecting and understanding the needs from researchers and applying this input into processes
  • Proactive and persistent work in educating developers and researchers of the benefits of complying with data standards and monitoring them
  • Facilitating the specification of an appropriate set of metadata for each data stream or object
  • Supporting outreach, representing the project at conferences, or similar external facing activities


Background on the HUMAN Project

 The HUMAN Project is an interdisciplinary research platform that serves as a public resource for learning everything possible about the connections between our minds, bodies, and environment to enable the development of new theories, therapeutics, and policy recommendations to solve the toughest societal challenges facing us today. These goals are achieved through a partnership between the Project’s participants, the Project’s staff, and their company: Human Project Inc.

In this study we gather information at an unprecedented level of breadth and detail, ranging from health and medical data to financial tracking and social networks for a representative sample of 10,000 New York City residents over 20 years. The HUMAN Project will do for the field of behavioral science what other major projects did for their respective fields, like the Human Genome Project or the Sloan Digital Sky Survey.

 More information is on the web:

 Work values

  • Teamwork. We expect you to work together with colleagues and across teams to ensure the long term success and sustainability of the project. Embracing feedback, taking accountability and building trust are part of successful communication in our team.
  • Agility. Changing demands and a growing scale of the organization requires you to embrace an agile work culture. We rely on scrum methodology and everyone’s willingness to let go or take on new tasks as the project evolves.
  • Respect. We are dedicated to the continuous process of acknowledging and accepting cultural differences in order to foster respectful and effective interaction with all people, as is reflected in its employment, outreach and research.
Position Reports To
Measurement & Technology Officer
New York, NY
Starts On
Jan. 30, 2017, 9 a.m.

Job Requirements



• A minimum of 5 years of relevant experience such as implementing a data standard within an organization
• A thorough understanding of linked open data, metadata and data interoperability
• Being able to navigate the legal and technical requirements for the medical and healthcare sector
• Excellent, clear written communication and a focus on end user needs
• A Bachelor’s degree is required. Preference will be given to those with degrees in a relevant field such as computer science or a quantitative field.

• Master’s degree in computer, information or library science or a quantitative field
• A ‘big picture’, agile and strategic mindset and ability to work independently
• Experience in data standards from a multitude of domains such as healthcare, Internet of Things and social sciences
• Experience in implementing or overseeing implementation of cutting edge practice for data management such as embedding provenance metadata
• Previous exposure to longitudinal research or a long-term data project

Company Information

300 Cadman Plaza West
Brooklyn NY 11201
United States

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Elisa Fox
Phone: (212) 998-8030
Contact Method

Please e-mail a CV/Resume, a short cover letter including what your favourite data standard for research is and why (max 1 page), and contact information for 1-3 references through this job posting.

You can also email with subject line: Data Standards Manager for THP.