Job Bank FAQ

We welcome position postings from the tri-state area. To post a position to the METRO Job Bank, please register for our website here.

The following FAQs may be helpful. However, if you need assistance, please reach us at

What is the fee to post a job?
Our Job Bank is free of charge for libraries, archives, museums, and other information organizations in New York State, New Jersey, and Connecticut.

How do I post a job?
You must be logged in to our website to post to the Job Bank. Please feel free to register to our website, regardless of your membership status.

  1. Access the Jobs module by clicking "CAREER RESOURCES→JOB BANK". Next, click the "JOBS" tab, then "ADD JOB". 
  2. You can complete all fields or post all details in the "Description" box.
    • The more information you provide, the easier it will be for potential employees to find you.
    • NOTE: When pasting text from a Word document, use the "Paste from Word" icon to clear out additional code that Word will include when you copy and paste.
  3. Assign categories/subcategories to the listing. This not only helps job seekers narrow their searches in a large Job bank, but also improves your search engine ranking for the listing.
  4. Click "ADD JOB".

How do I add a job to a category/subcategory?

  1. Click "Don't forget to add your job to a category" after posting the position.
  2. If you have already left that screen, view your job and click the Edit Job Categories icon (triangle) in the Tendenci icon bar.

Is it necessary to complete all of the fields in the submission queue for my job to be posted?
No. To save time on your posting, you may enter all of the relevant information into the "Description" box. In fact, we recommend this, as the information entered there is picked up by our RSS feeds.

Why doesn't my posting appear immediately?
To ensure that our Job Bank remains relevant to the needs of our readers, METRO staff reviews all submissions. If you do not see your position on our Job Bank, within 2 business days, email us at

Who sees positions posted to the Job Bank?
We post all Job Bank submissions to our Twitter account. In addition, a weekly round-up of new positions is posted to LinkedIn and emailed to the NYLINE and metro-announce discussion lists on non-holiday Fridays. 

Who can I contact with other questions?
If you have any questions about the METRO Job Bank, please contact us at