METRO is a leading source of grant funding and information for libraries throughout New York City and Westchester County. Our grant initiatives help hundreds of libraries to get the financial support they need to meet critical challenges.

We work to make sure that the maximum levels of grant funding are available to the libraries in our service area, and that all libraries have the support they need to pursue any grant funding programs for which they are eligible.


Coordinated Collection Development Aid

New York State recognizes the contributions academic libraries make to state and regional resource sharing. The Coordinated Collection Development Aid (CCDA) program provides annual grants to academic libraries at public and not-for-profit colleges, universities, and community colleges. Since 1981, academic libraries in the METRO region have received more than $8 million in coordinated collection development aid from this program.

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Digitization Grants

Digitization Grants provide funding to offset the technical and personnel costs associated with digitization projects. Approved uses for funds include hardware, software, outsourced services, consulting services, staffing, training, web design, project evaluation, and promotion. Grant applications maybe submitted as solo projects (for up to $12k) or as collaborative projects between two or more METRO member institutions (up to $25k).

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Hospital Libraries Services Program

Hospital Library Services Program (HLSP) collection development grants are available to hospital libraries that are members of METRO's Hospital LIbrary Service Program. Applications are due by January each year, and grant amounts are based on factors including established need and current expenditure levels. A total of about $120,000 is awarded each year through this program.

METRO receives funding to support needs related to technology at hospital libraries. HLSP technology grants are available to eligible libraries that are members of METRO's Hospital Library Services Program.

Medical Information Service Program grants are available to subsidize costs associated with interlibrary loans involving medical and health related materials. Grants are available to medical or hospital libraries, though other libraries may also be eligible to have the cost of its health-related interlibrary loans subsidized if the National Library of Medicine (NLM) or a Document Delivery Providers (DDP's) provided them. Grant funding is based, in part, on Docline interlibrary loan statistics.