2015 NYC Uncommon Approaches to the Common Core Conference

The 2015 NYC UnCommon Approaches to the Common Core Conference is a regional conference that seeks to connect educators from the NYC Metro area with their local cultural institutions. Cultural Institutions support schools in implementing the Common Core in the following areas: 

  • Teacher Professional Development and Workshops
  • Literacy infused content resources 
  • Evidence-based reading selections and activities
  • Hosted school visits tied to Common Core Reading and Writing Standards

Find out how you can partner with your museum, historical society and cultural institution to build curriculum units that excite and engage students in authentic learning with high-quality resources and experiences.  Not only will students build critical thinking and problem-solving skills as a result of these partnerships, but will know what this great city has to offer them intellectually and culturally.

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9:40 - 11:00 AM: Breakout Session 1

  • Promising Practices for Developing School Partnerships
    NYCDOE - Office of Curriculum, Instruction & Professional Learning
    How can schools develop partnerships that are goal-focused and sustainable? Explore strategies and receive tools for building trusting partnerships, establishing benchmarks for success, and creating structures for sharing information with partners.

    Presenter: Elena Chon, Director of Partnerships for the Office of Curriculum, Instruction, and Professional Learning at the New York City Department of Education

  • Supporting Teachers in Content-Area Reading and Writing Through Museum Learning Experiences
    American Natural History Museum
    This session presents resources developed at the American Museum of Natural History that are designed to support K-12 teachers in integrating literacy strategies into their science content teaching. Participants in this session will receive materials that align to both Common Core reading and writing standards. The session will show how a variety of reading strategies can be used to support explanatory writing tasks while keeping science content front and center. Corresponding rubrics will be provided. These examples include materials based on recent temporary exhibitions such as Life at the Limits, which also form the basis for the LeFrak Class of the Month Essay Contest through which teachers have the opportunity to be recognized for excellence in supporting CCSS in their classrooms. Participants will learn how the development of our materials has evolved in response to external and internal evaluation, as well as teacher feedback and student work. The session will demonstrate how we provide teacher support for implementation of these materials in the context of students’ diverse needs. 
    Presenter: Rebecca Taylor, Coordinator of Museum Learning Experiences and Educational Outreach

    Presenter: Allyson Nusser, Independent Literacy Consultant

  • Project ECS@ESC: Encouraging Connections through STEM at the NYC Environmental Studies Center
    Office of Library Services and Environmental Studies Center
    Participants will explore how the NYCDOE Office of Library Services and the Environmental Study Center (ESC) are developing a digital gateway for students and teachers called Project ECS@ESC: Encouraging Connections through STEM at the Environmental Study Center.
    This collaborative project offers rich and engaging experiential environmental science programs for students and teachers at all grade levels and will provide access to instructional resources beyond the walls of ESC, facilitating STEM-focused inquiry experiences in the classroom and utilizing instructional materials, e-content, and digital resources.
    Presenter: Melissa Jacobs, School Library Coordinator
    Presenter:  Ciro Scardina, Librarian at PS 18R
    Presenter:  Carla Ferraro, Science Teacher at PS 234Q
    Presenter:  Jacqueline Pilati, Project Manager for ECS@ESC

11:10 - 12:30 PM: Breakout Session 2

  • New Resources from the Office of Cultural Education
    Office of Cultural Education, New York State Education Department
    A demonstration of nysculturaled.org, a new website designed for teachers and cultural educators to improve access to New York's great cultural resources and maintain the momentum of the Uncommon Approaches to the Common Core conference.
    Presenter: Liz Hood, Director of the Office of Educational Television and Public Broadcasting Activities at the NY State Education Department

    Presenter: Esther Lee, Northeast Comprehensive Center

  • Light it Up!
    Maritime Explorium and Oceanside School District
    Use high tech (and tiny) LED lighting technology in this hands-on workshop that uses low-cost, energy efficient, safe materials in an engineering design challenge linking the electricity unit, computational fluency and evidence-based writing.
    Presenter: Lauren Hubbard, Ph.D., Executive Director of the Maritime Explorium

    Presenter: Donna Midgol, STEM teacher with the Oceanside School District

  • Museum Resources to Support ELA
    Hudson River Museum
    Participants will be introduced to cultural resources in formal learning that provides a number of benefits - these resources appeal to students with different learning styles, they spark the imagination, and they give the students contact with authentic artifacts. Introducing these resources into the Common Core classroom, however, requires several changes in approach on the part of both cultural educator and classroom teacher. This workshop will cover the changes in approach as well as sample lessons. There will be an opportunity for hands-on work, questions and discussion.

    Presenter: Emily Beck
    Presenter: Saralinda B. Lichtblau, Director of Teaching and Learning at the Hudson River Museum
    Presenter: Marcus John, Spoken Word Poet and MC out of Yonkers, NY

1:40 - 3:00 PM: Breakout Session 3

  • New York Rising: Using Historical Thinking to Explore our City's Past
    The New-York Historical Society
    In this interactive session, led by educators from the New-York Historical Society, participants will engage with original historic objects and images using New York Rising, a permanent installation on New York City's Role in the Founding Era. Educators will model inquiry-based teaching strategies for engaging students across levels in historical thinking and lead participants through a series of individual and group activities. Participants will walk away with ideas for connecting multiple primary sources and analyzing them within the context of a greater historic narrative.

    Presenter: Mia Nagawiecki, Director of Education at the New-York Historical Society
    Presenter: Leslie Hayes, Associate Director for Continuing Education at the New-York Historical Society

  • Fostering Civic Responsibility
    Lower East Side Tenement Museum
    At the Lower East Side Tenement Museum, students engage in interactive, immersive learning that inspires them to understand the importance of their choices in shaping the future. Our Tenement Inspectors living history program has students tackle questions of safe housing and immigrant rights while immersing themselves in the role of New York City tenement inspectors in 1906. The program is set against the backdrop of the Progressive Era, when many New York residents involved themselves in urban problem-solving, and so allows students to brainstorm actions they can take to influence positive problem-solving in their own communities. We'll take you through a hands-on, audio-visual tenement inspection, share primary sources, and discuss practices for fostering civic responsibility in our students. 
    Presenter: Kathryn Lloyd, Education Associate for Group Programming at the Lower East Side Tenement Museum

    Presenter: Miriam Bader, Education Director at the Lower East Side Tenement Museum

  • Biblioboard for Schools: Bringing Primary Sources to Your Students Digitally
    New York Public Library
    Biblioboard is a new database with curated primary source collections from the National Archives, and more -- and it is now available at all NYC libraries! Learn more about how this database can support ELA and Reading History Common Core Standards.

    Presenter: Amie Wright, Program Manager for MyLibraryNYC


Mon, Jun. 8, 2015
8:30 a.m. - 3 p.m. US/Eastern

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New-York Historical Society
170 Central Park West
New York, NY 10024