Webcast: Wikipedia and Medicine

Speaker Dorothy Howard, Moderator

Dorothy Howard is Wikipedian-in-Residence and Open Data Fellow at METRO.

With increased fortitude, Wikipedia has collaborated with scientists, researchers, and medical librarians, as well as medical and healthcare databases, health institutes, and consumer research laboratories to improve the quality of Wikipedia’s health and medical content. Aspects of this engagement have included the development of programs to increase the numbers of physicians and scientists contributing to Wikipedia, improving the quality and availability of up-to-date references on medical articles, and Wikipedia residency projects that pair Wikipedian scientists with institutions to encourage large scale image and content contributions. This webcast will be targeted toward medical and scientific librarians and archivists with an interest in engaging in Wikipedia and Open Access initiates to improve the availability of medical information in the public domain

On Wednesday, December 10th, the third Wikipedia webcast series installment will include presentations by

To access the live program, simply visit http://youtu.be/hEnGtHR_wzw between 2:00 PM and 3:15 PM on Wednesday, December 10th. Registration is not required. An archived recording will be available following the session.

This webcast is to be METRO's last installment of its three-part Wikipedia webcast series.





Wed, Dec. 10, 2014
2 p.m. - 3:15 p.m. US/Eastern