Digitization SIG Meeting

Speaker Panelists Lacy Schutz, Todd Carter, Evan Sandhaus, Ben Vershbow, & Doug Reside

Lacy Schutz, Director of Collections Access, Museum of the City of New York

Todd Carter, Founder/CEO, Tagasauris, Inc.

Evan Sandhaus, Lead Architect, Semantic Platforms, New York Times

Ben Vershbow, Manager, NYPL Labs

Doug Reside, Digital Curator of Performing Arts, NYPL

Semantic Technologies & Linked Data for Digitized Collections
How can librarians and archivists keep up with the soaring demand for content findability within their growing digital collections?  This is something many search engines have not yet caught up with.  However, by publishing data on the web as Linked Data, the web appears as a giant global database.  As a result, some museums, libraries, and other data repositories are turning towards crowdsourcing, semantic technologies and linked data solutions, inviting volunteers to assist them with everything from transcribing rare archival documents, to annotating images and geographical datasets.
This panel will address the challenges and benefits of launching linked data and digital crowdsourcing projects, and panelists will discuss ways that sharing this type of knowledge work with the general public serves their institutions and changes the ways that staff interact with their public.
Topics addressed will include:
- Improving access to and visibility of sources for researchers
- Workflow and platforms
- The unanticipated benefits and challenges of deploying such projects
Organizer Laura Forshay


Wed, Mar. 7, 2012
10 a.m. - noon US/Eastern

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METRO Training Center (4th floor)
57 E. 11th Street
New York, NY 10003