Plunkett Research Online

METRO members are eligible for a 20% discount on new subscriptions and a 10% discount on renewals with 5 free eBook package. Plunkett Research now offers all of its award-winning industry almanacs in an all-inclusive, interactive and user-friendly business research database, Plunkett Research Online. Through your membership with METRO, you can arrange for free trial access to the database by contacting E-Commerce Manager, Jillian Claire Lim at:

Benefits for Professors: 

  • Covers all leading industries, from retailing and infotech to nanotech and health care
  • Sample lesson plans
  • Industry-specific videos—perfect for classrooms
  • Use Build-A-Report to create coursework and textbooks in PDF
  • In-depth industry trends and technology analysis
  • Profiles and financials for public and private companies

Benefits for Students:

  • Easy-to-use
  • Tutorials and how-to videos
  • Organized in industry-specific “research centers”
  • Industry glossaries
  • Industry associations database 

“A valuable resource for our students and faculty. The focus on industry information, the provision of statistics and the useful company profiles are especially helpful. I mention it in classes and while answering reference questions; the students are especially excited to hear about it.”

- Gary White, Business Materials Selector, Penn State University

This database is vital for graduate and undergraduate research and coursework (including case studies and business plans).  Each industry is brimming with the latest:

  • Market research
  • Trends and technologies analysis
  • Statistics
  • In-depth details on leading companies (private and public, U.S. and non-U.S.)

Recent graduates will find the Job Seeker Resource and Tools section extraordinarily helpful. This section contains:

  • Job market trends and statistics
  • Tools on how to apply for a job online
  • Career guides
  • Occupational outlook handbook

 The database is separated by research centers, and each research center covers one industry—the list includes those industries that your professors and students most want to know about, such as:

Games, Apps and Social Media
Green Technology
Entertainment & Media
And many, many more industry-specific titles

Plunkett Research Online pricing is based on Full Time Enrollment. As a METRO member, you are eligible for discounts.

If you would like additional information or to schedule an over the phone demonstration, feel free to reach us using the contact information below:

Jillian Claire Lim
E-Commerce Manager
Voice: 713.932.0000
Fax: 713.932.7080