Digital Services

Digital Services represent a major focus of our work at METRO, in large part through the METRO Digitization Grant Program, which has helped fund the creation of over 50 digital collections over the last 8 years.

Our suite of Digital Services are overseen by the Digital Services Advisory Council, an expert team comprised of METRO members, digitization consultants, and METRO staff. Council members continually help METRO to evaluate and assess emerging and longstanding needs related to digitization. The Council also works with METRO on grant distribution and efforts to develop industry standards and best practice recommendations.


Digitization Grants
METRO has funded more than 50 digital collections over the past eight years. METRO Digitization Grant Program is available each year starting in March.


Empire State Digital Network
Empire State Digital Network is the first service hub to be created explicitly as a means for sharing New York’s rich digital cultural heritage with the Digital Public Library of America (DPLA). The Network will be administered by the Metropolitan New York Library Council (METRO) in collaboration with eight allied regional library councils collectively working as NY3Rs Association. For more information, please visit the ESDN website.


Digital collection hosting
One of the biggest challenges for libraries digitizing collections involves delivering a completed collection online. METRO’s Digital Collection Hosting Service provides METRO member libraries and archives with a quick, robust, and affordable means for delivering digital content online.


The digitalMETRO directory provides increased discoverability and access to online collections created and maintained by member libraries of the Metropolitan New York Library Council. A collection may be included in the digitalMETRO directory if the creating institution is a member of the Metropolitan New York Library Council.


Research and planning
Documentation from our research into digital collections.


Digitization LibGuide
Visit our Digitization LibGuide for more information on managing your own digital collections.


For any questions related to Digital Services, please contact Anne Karle-Zenith.