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Libraries can designate a single on-site location for pick-up and delivery. (This location should be manned to provide signatures for incoming deliveries and oversee outgoing packages.) Additional pick-up and delivery locations can be arranged on a paid basis. All items must be appropriately wrapped and sealed in tear-proof envelopes, sturdy bags, or boxes.


Sending Items

Check the METRO Member Directory and Delivery Roster before shipping. This way you can verify that a receiving institution is a current participant in METRO’s Delivery Service.

Attach only one shipping label per package. Labels must contain the following:

  • Your institution’s name and address (upper lefthand corner)
  • Complete address for the receiving institution as it is listed in the Delivery Roster (centered)
  • The METRO delivery number of your institution > The receiving institution's delivery number (center, bold and in large print)

Example of Shipping Label

Transaction Numbers

Each package on the METRO Log-sheet must include a unique transaction number. Complete and accurate transaction numbers are essential for delivery and record keeping.

Transaction numbers are comprised of your library’s delivery number > the receiving library’s delivery number, the pickup date, and package number.

Start with:
Your library’s delivery number
(as listed in the Delivery Roster)
plus arrow (>)
Receiving library’s delivery number
(as listed in the Delivery Roster)
plus hyphen
formatted as MMDD
(example 0711 for July 11)
Package number
(as determined by line in shipping log)

A complete transaction number looks like this:
154 >224-0711-1

154 > 224 0711- 1
Your site number Recipient's site number Date
Package number


Shipping Log

Delivery service participants must prepare a shipping log for each scheduled delivery/pick-up day they have outgoing packages. Remember to keep track of your shipments using our METRO Log-sheet

The messenger should confirm each package against the log sheet and then sign and date at the bottom as designated. This serves as the official receipt of pick-up. For each package that is to be shipped, you should record the following information on the log sheet:

1. Transaction number
2. Destination (Receiving Institution's Name)
3. Brief description of contents and content titles


Delivery of Shipments

A representative of the receiving library must sign for all shipments at the time of delivery. Messengers are unable to leave a package without a receipt signature. The receiving library must verify both the number of packages received and the sending/receiving numbers are correct.


Missed Pick-Ups

In the (rare) instance when a messenger does not arrive for scheduled pick-up, please contact METRO as soon as possible. If you used the On-Demand request form, simply resubmit the form. Where possible, METRO will arrange a special pick-up.

Report problems to us with the Delivery Issue Report form or call Mark Parson at (212) 228-2320 ext 121.


Non-delivery or Missing Items

If a package does not arrive as scheduled:

  • Find out when the item was picked up from the sending library.
  • Check to see that the item has not been shelved without being checked in.

To initiate a trace, call Mark Parson at (212) 228-2320 ext 121 with the shipping information and the title of the missing item. You can also complete a claim form online. As mentioned in our Delivery FAQ, claims for missing resources must be reported within 30 days. This increases the couriers chances of finding any resources that might have gone missing.