Delivery FAQ

Interlibrary loans represent much more than an effort to share books and other resources. This service, coordinated by METRO with Columbus Delivery, is an essential support for many of our library members, making it possible to expand access to their collections and services for their users.

Mark Parson coordinates the METRO Delivery Service. Contact him at or (212) 228-2320 ext 121 with any questions or concerns.


METRO Delivery FAQ


How do I set up METRO delivery?
Delivery Service is a METRO membership benefit. Each member is entitled to free On-Demand delivery/pick-ups at one site. Each member must designate a single pick-up destination (should be manned to oversee delivery/pick-ups and provide necessary signatures when needed). This address will be listed in the METRO Delivery Roster and will be used for delivery/pick-ups. If access to the site is restricted, please make arrangements for the driver to gain entry and notify METRO both of the nature of the restrictions and of the arrangements made.

Some institutions have more than one library location. Arrangements can be made for additional delivery sites on a fee basis.

To establish this service for your member institution, please contact Mark Parson at METRO at (212) 228-2320 ext 121.

How do I make changes in delivery dates, pick up and drop off locations, contacts or other delivery information?

Any changes affecting your delivery service or dates should be reported to METRO Delivery Service Administrator, Mark Parson at (212) 228-2320 x 121.

What may be shipped by METRO Delivery?

A wide variety of materials including books, journals, magazines, copies, CDs, DVDs, or any type of bound material may be shipped through the service. You may not ship equipment or furniture through the service. Contact us if you have any questions about shipping.
What additional payments can be incurred?

METRO Delivery is a free membership benefit with the following restrictions:

  • The first 25 pounds of each shipment is free. Additional weight is charged at the rate of 16 cents a pound.

  • Additional delivery sites may be arranged at additional cost. Please speak with your METRO Delivery Administrator.

  • Additional delivery dates may be arranged at additional cost. Please speak with your METRO Delivery Administrator.

What libraries can I ship materials to?

Not all members use the delivery service. Before you ship an item you must make sure your intended recipient is on the METRO Delivery Roster.

How do I find the METRO Delivery roster?

An up to date METRO Delivery Roster lists all participating member libraries and their official delivery address, contact person, telephone number, email, METRO delivery number and delivery days.

Who is the METRO Delivery Contact person at each institution?

The contact person at each delivery location is listed in the METRO Delivery Roster. He/She manages the delivery service at that location and is the main contact for matters concerning METRO’s Delivery Service. The contact person will also regularly receive a METRO Delivery Service Bulletin and will be notified directly of changes in procedures and updates to rosters.

What can I expect from my METRO delivery driver?

You can expect professional, consistent delivery from your driver. Each driver is now readily identifiable with Columbus Delivery Identification. Columbus Delivery drivers are assigned to one route which means that you should be able to get to know your driver and you will be able to count on consistent delivery times. If your delivery time is not consistent or you are having any problems with your delivery person, please contact METRO immediately or use the METRO Delivery Issue Report.

How quickly can I expect my METRO material to be delivered?

All packages should be delivered on the receiver’s next scheduled delivery day. For instance, if materials are sent on a Friday to an institution that has Tuesday and Thursday delivery, you can expect the materials to arrive the following Tuesday.

For those members who are scheduled to receive METRO’s “On-Demand” service, you can expect items to be delivered on the next business day.

How do I address METRO delivery materials?

Prior to shipping an item, check the METRO Delivery Roster to verify that the receiving institution is a current participant in the delivery service. Use only one label per package. Please make sure that any previous labels are removed. Multiple items going to one institution may be put together in the same package.

Labels must contain the following:

  • Your institution’s name, address in upper lefthand corner (small print)

  • A complete address for the receiving institution as it is listed in the Delivery Roster (medium print)

  • Sending Institution's Delivery # > Receiving Instution's Delivery # (Bold and in large print)

How should the Shipping Materials be wrapped?

All material must be wrapped and sealed in envelopes, sturdy bags or boxes, and must be clearly labeled with the shipping institution’s name and address (small print, upper lefthand corner) and the receiver’s name, address (large print) and finally sending institution's METRO Delivery Number > receiving institution's METRO Delivery Number (Bold and in large print). Please be sure to remove any old labels from the packaging.

How do I get the “METRO Shipping Delivery Log” and how do I complete it?

Download copies of the METRO Shipping Delivery Log here.

The log should be put out with labeled outgoing packages for each scheduled delivery day at a manned post where dropoff/pick-ups can be overseen. For “On-Call” sites, the log should be filled out each day the library sends materials through the system. The log functions as a receipt of pick-up. The driver will check packages against the log and sign it. All logs should be retained for at least three months.

To complete the Shipping Delivery Log, please enter:

  • The delivery number of your institution.

  • The delivery number of the receiving institution to which the items iare being sent.

  • The date of pick-up
  • The number of items being sent.

What do I do if we do not receive a METRO delivery as scheduled, or if I have a complaint regarding the delivery?

Please contact METRO immediately under the following conditions:

  • Delivery stop is not made (missed pickup/delivery).
  • Courier stop made at a time other than the standard time.
  • Damaged items or packages.
  • Concerns about the driver.

Columbus Delivery will do their best to provide excellent service, but there are bound to be problems from time to time. Ensuring good service is part of our commitment to our members, so be sure that METRO is aware of any problems you are experiencing.

You may use the Delivery Issue Report Form to report problems, or you may call Mark Parson at (212) 228-2320 ext 121.

What do I do when something has not been delivered?

  • Find out when the item was picked up by the sending library.

  • Check to see that the item has not been shelved without being checked in.

To initiate a trace, call Mark Parson at (212) 228-2320 ext 121 with the shipping information and the title of the missing item.

How do I file a claim on a lost item?

If an item has been lost by the delivery service, METRO will reimburse you the costs of replacing the item (up to $100). To initiate a claim, the owning library must fill out a Claim Form within 30 days of the date that the receiving library has verified that the item was not received.

The receiving library should notify and provide necessary information (signed logsheet & METRO transaction number) to owning library within one week of incident, to allow owning library to meet deadline.

METRO will respond to the owning library within 30 days of receipt of the Claim Form.

Are there any holidays that METRO Delivery does not provide service?

Columbus Delivery has seven holidays during which there will be no delivery: New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Thanksgiving Day Friday and Christmas Day

How do I notify METRO that we are closed for holiday, construction, etc.

Please report any dates or times that your institution will be closed on a regularly scheduled delivery date or time. You may contact METRO at (212) 228-2320 ext. 121or use the “Library will be closed/No service needed on” option on the Delivery Issue Report Form.

What is the fee to post a job?
Our Job Bank is free of charge for libraries, archives, museums, and other information organizations in New York State, New Jersey, and Connecticut.

How do I post a job?
You must be <ahref="" target="_blank">logged in to our website to post to the Job Bank. Please feel free to register to our website, regardless of your membership status.

  1. Access the Jobs module by clicking "CAREER RESOURCES→JOB BANK". Next, click the "JOBS" tab, then "ADD JOB". 
  2. You can complete all fields or post all details in the "Description" box.
    • The more information you provide, the easier it will be for potential employees to find you.
    • NOTE: When pasting text from a Word document, use the "Paste from Word" icon to clear out additional code that Word will include when you copy and paste.
  3. Assign categories/subcategories to the listing. This not only helps job seekers narrow their searches in a large Job bank, but also improves your search engine ranking for the listing.
  4. Click "ADD JOB".

How do I add a job to a category/subcategory?

  1. Click "Don't forget to add your job to a category" after posting the position.
  2. If you have already left that screen, view your job and click the Edit Job Categories icon (triangle) in the Tendenci icon bar.

Is it necessary to complete all of the fields in the submission queue for my job to be posted?
No. To save time on your posting, you may enter all of the relevant information into the "Description" box. In fact, we recommend this, as the information entered there is picked up by our RSS feeds.

Why doesn't my posting appear immediately?
To ensure that our Job Bank remains relevant to the needs of our readers, METRO staff reviews all submissions. If you do not see your position on our Job Bank, within 2 business days, email us at

Who sees positions posted to the Job Bank?
We post all Job Bank submissions to our Twitter account. In addition, a weekly round-up of new positions is posted to LinkedIn and emailed to the NYLINE and metro-announce discussion lists on non-holiday Fridays. 

Who can I contact with other questions?
If you have any questions about the METRO Job Bank, please contact us at