METRO's success is tied directly to successes in the communities we serve. The organization was chartered in 1965 by the New York State Board of Regents to provide services to member libraries, but our reach has extended to individual librarians, archivists, technologists, students, and professionals in career transitions. Each year, thousands of individuals connect to their professional peers through a number of METRO-coordinated outlets.


Special Interest Groups
The Metropolitan New York Library Council (METRO) hosts an array of Special Interest Groups (SIGs) where our members join with others in the library community to expand their professional networks, delve deeply into cutting-edge issues, and develop practical strategies for addressing the challenges facing libraries today. 

Stay in touch with METRO and its Special Interest Groups through our discussion lists!


myMETRO Researchers
The myMETRO Researchers project is now in its second year. After a very successful pilot program in 2012, METRO continued to provide an outlet for myMETRO members to develop their research capabilities while creating high-level, publishable research. 

This project includes a series of check-in meetings and wraps with a public presentation of each team's research findings. myMETRO Researchers have an opportunity to speak at METRO's Annual Conference each January.


Archives and Library Leadership Network
The Archives and Library Leadership Network (ALLN) is a network of archives and library professional organizations of Greater New York. This group gathers on a regular basis to build community ties, collaborate, and share issues and opportunities.

Inspiration for starting this group came from METRO’s 2008 Strategic Plan, where it was advised that METRO could be “a hub of dialog within the region on professional issues.”

ALLN members have been meeting regularly since 2009. 


Community Partners
Our Community Partners Program builds connections between METRO and local and regional organizations to collectively improve the services and resources we provide for our constituents.

The METRO Community Partners Program furthers existing relationships between METRO and local and regional organizations to encourage collaboration and sharing of assets toward the mutual benefit of our consituents.