Community Expectations

At METRO, we strive to:

  • Offer an organized calendar of diverse and relevant training and networking events to our membership community

  • Support a free and open exchange of ideas within a safe and respectful learning environment

  • Inform attendees and instructors of all available METRO resources

  • Ensure that event expectations are met, to what extent possible

To this end, we ask that all visitors to METRO adhere to the following expectations:

Treat METRO staff, event attendees, and speakers with respect.

  • Participation in discussions and activities should be respectful at all times. Please refrain from making inappropriate comments, asking excessive and/or unrelated questions, and sharing confidential information. Exercise tolerance of the perspectives and opinions of all present.

  • Professional Development is made possible by our speakers and instructors. Please be respectful of their time, energy, and personal space while at METRO. Make every effort to arrive on time for instruction. In the Training Center, be sure to silence all cell phones, tablets, and other potentially distracting devices, and use discretion in your use of social media.

  • Workshops and events at METRO take place within a working office environment. Please be considerate and take any phone calls lasting more than 2 minutes down to the lobby. If you’d like to see a METRO staff member while you are here, please make an appointment ahead of time or let our front desk staff check on his or her availability.

  • METRO has a zero-tolerance policy for all verbal, physical, and sexual harassment. Anyone who is asked to stop a hostile or harassing behavior is expected to comply immediately.

Treat METRO’s property with respect.

  • METRO’s training space sets the stage for learning. Help us keep it clean and orderly so that others might enjoy learning in an unencumbered environment. Dispose of any refuse and refrain from removing any METRO property from the premises.

Contact METRO in order to accommodate special needs.

  • Private space can be made available for medical or religious reasons while you are at METRO. Please contact us ahead of time to make those arrangements.

Please help us ensure that events at METRO are positive experiences for all. METRO staff do not always witness the rare occasion in which harassing and/or disruptive behaviors occur. Please let any available METRO staff member know if you observe an infraction to the above expectations. We will handle each case in a manner appropriate to the circumstance.

Contact: Kyle Brown, Office Manager | | (212) 228-2320 x100