METRO's History of Leadership in Digitization

The METRO Collaborative Digitization Project was launched with support from an LSTA grant awarded in 2002. With this grant funding, METRO established the METRO Regional Digitization Initiative, a broad program designed to survey needs and progress in digitization in the New York and Westchester areas. The initiative quickly took action in a range of efforts to support digitization project planning, showcase technology options and build a digitization resource clearinghouse.

In 2003, an additional LSTA grant supported Phase II of the METRO Regional Digitization Initiative. This support helped METRO to expand the digitization initiative to include training programs, a symposium of collaborative strategies, a revised regional digitization survey, and a comprehensive update of the digitization section of METRO's Web site.

In spring 2004, METRO appointed a Collaborative Digitization Planning Committee to create a detailed proposal for a digitization program based on the results of our members' survey and other needs assessments. The Committee and METRO staff jointly developed a multifaceted plan to implement digitization projects involving materials that reflect the history and cultural heritage of New York City and Westchester County. Based on this plan, METRO received a 2005-2007 LSTA Planning and Training Grant for Digitization, supporting ongoing digitization efforts and newer initiatives such as the "Digital METRO New York" project.

In Spring 2005, the Planning Committee evolved into the Collaborative Digitization Advisory Council, which supports the development of digitization planning in the New York City and Westchester region and coordinates work with the METRO staff and other advisory groups.
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