Video from Barbara Taranto's "Crowd Sourcing Metadata" CNI Project Briefing Now Available

Video from Crowd Sourcing Metadata, a project briefing presented at the Coalition for Networked Information's fall 2011 membership meeting by Barbara Taranto of the New York Public Library, is now available.

CNI: Crowd Sourcing Metadata from CNI Video Editor on Vimeo.

The presentation provides an overview of the NYPL's first foray into crowd sourcing metadata by exposing 40,000 image pages of turn of the century restaurant and cruise ship menus: “What’s On the Menu?” The goal of the project was to widely distribute the transcription of the menu items into a structured and reusable form. The site was exceedingly popular in its first few months, and then flattened somewhat, raising issues regarding the public’s appetite for these projects. More importantly, the menus project raised hard questions about the quality of the crowd sourced content, the longevity of the data, and the disposition of the data. The presentation addresses these issues and proposes some alternative views on metadata, user-generated content, and the intersection of the two.