"Lessons from Archiving the Occupy Movement" Video Now Available From CNI


Video is now available from Archiving Large Swaths of User-Contributed Digital Content: Lessons from Archiving the Occupy Movement, a project briefing presented at Coalition for Networked Information's spring 2012 membership meeting. The video features presentations by Howard Besser and David Millman of New York University, as well as Sharon Leon from George Mason University. 


The session sets out to show how archiving born-digital content from the "Occupy" movement can serve as a prototype for archiving all kinds of user-contributed content. It features a fascinating overview of NYU's efforts to facilitate education and preservation among various factions of the movement, as well as a discussion of the tools and methods that have been developed for ingesting, preserving, and offering discovery services to large numbers of digital works where contributors cannot really be relied upon to follow standards and metadata assignment.