Updating METRO'S Digitization Plan

Updating METRO'S Digitization Plan

In the past five years, METRO has made major strides in advancing digital activities among our membership through workshops, symposia, grants to member libraries, vendor fairs, and increased access to content. We are especially proud of the recently introduced digitalMETRO directory of digital collections in the METRO membership.

Our members have also made enormous advancements in their own digitization initiatives. As a result, many member libraries are facing new challenges in funding and sustaining their digital programs, ensuring long-term access to digital collections, staying on top of changes in technology and access modes, and meeting the evolving training and staffing-related needs associated with these efforts.

METRO is committed to supporting our members as they navigate the extraordinary opportunities and potentially daunting challenges surrounding digitization. Our recent strategic planning process identified this area as a priority among our members. Consistent with our new Strategic Plan—particularly the goals related to providing a forum for collaboration on key issues and developing innovative services for our members—we're taking steps to help our members bring their digitization activities to the next level.

In early November, METRO is hosting an intensive, two-day planning meeting at which library leaders and stakeholders with a strong interest in digitization will assist METRO in setting strategic directions for our digitization-related services over the next two to three years. The meeting's co-facilitators are Liz Bishoff (Director, Digital and Preservation Service, BCR) and Tom Clareson (Senior Consultant, New Initiatives, Lyrasis). Both individuals have worked closely with METRO since our digitization programming began and were involved in the development of our 2007-2010 Digital Library Services Plan .

The November meeting is just the beginning of a productive exchange with our membership, and we invite all METRO members with an interest in digitization to get involved. For more information, contact Jason Kucsma, Emerging Technologies Manager, at: jkucsma@metro.org or (212) 228-2320 Ext 23.

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