[UPDATED] The Future for Libraries and More with the Librarian in Black

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On May 17th and 24th, Sarah Houghton-Jan -- The Librarian in Black -- will join METRO for two new webinars that will discuss how library technology can be incorporated in a changing economic landscape.

The first webinar, “The Future for Libraries”, will encourage participants to look at the current economic crisis, how it is affecting libraries now, and what we will see from libraries in the future.  She explains, “The budget crisis may force us to face our inefficiencies and drastically re-engineer our services and the way we provide those services to our customers.  The legacy system is burning down all around us.  What will emerge from the ashes?”  As digital services will play a large part in our transition from contemporary to future librarianship, Sarah will provide attendees with a better idea of what digital resources we will need to consider now and in the future.  To learn more or to register for this webinar, please visit http://www.metro.org/en/cev/70.

On the 24th, Sarah will discuss how libraries with limited technology support can still provide innovative online service to patrons with “Free and Cheap Web Services for Libraries.”  The easy-to-use resources she will outline can be integrated into any library’s website with minimal expertise and for a low cost.  Limited resources don’t need to stop your library from implementing Web 2.0 technologies.  Join us as we explore how to put these services to work.  Visit http://www.metro.org/en/cev/71to learn more or to register.

In addition to holding the position of Assistant Director of the San Rafael Public Library, Sarah is also known on the web for her popular blog, “Librarian in Black”, where she posts regularly on library web and digital services.  Take a look at http://librarianinblack.net/librarianinblack/.

Please contact Laura Forshay at lforshay@metro.org with any registration questions.
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