Understanding the Impact of the Economic Downturn on METRO Members

The ALA State of American Libraries Report 2010 confirmed what many of us already know firsthand, that "recession drives more Americans to libraries in search of employment resources; but funding lags demand." The economic climate has caused all of us to take a hard look at our budgets and plan ways to get the most out of our funding dollars, METRO included. 
In preparation for a panel discussion and perhaps a publication, we are inviting METRO members to tell us how they are coping with the economic downturn. 
  • Have you implemented a plan to do more with less? 
  • Have you made changes in order to save money, prevent layoffs and preserve vital resources?
Please contact Tom Nielsen, METRO Member Services Manager, to let us know how the economy has affected your library. We look forward to hearing from you.
Jason Kucsma
Author: Jason Kucsma
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