Two New METRO Special Interest Groups Seek Your Support

One of the great benefits of working directly with our community, whether through the myMETRO Researchers project or by working side-by-side in our training sessions, is the opportunity to formally support the professional goals of our members by creating special interest groups (SIGs). In the past few weeks, we've worked in partnership with several of our community's leaders to help them establish SIGs covering subject areas that we think will be of benefit to METRO's membership.

To help these groups get up and running, we'd like to call on our members for their support. Please read on for descriptions of these proposed SIGs, as well as links to their petitions. If you'd like to stay in touch with either or both, please indicate that on the petition form as well.



With October 2013 marking the beginning of insurance enrollment through the new marketplace, librarians are facing a high demand for information on the Affordable Care Act (ACA). A recent METRO-hosted survey indicated that in addition to consumer-oriented material, many researchers are seeking in-depth analysis about all aspects of the ACA. The Affordable Care Act SIG will bring together individuals interested in sharing knowledge and insights about how librarians can best provide resources about the law beyond the insurance marketplace. Possible topics for discussion around the ACA would include where to access information on economic, legislative and policy issues, public opinion, and information literacy.

Please support the formation of the ACA SIG by signing their petition.


Social Media SIG

The Social Media SIG will be created for those who are involved (and those who would like to be!) with their organization’s social media channels and social media strategy. This SIG will serve as a means of sharing ideas, learning about new social media channels and tools, sharing best practices, and hearing social media success stories. The social media SIG will be a great way to stay on top of current changes and challenges.

Please support the formation of the Social Media SIG by signing their petition.


Note: Please feel free to sign either or both new SIG petitions as your interest allows. We support both SIGs equally.