Two New Special Interest Groups Form at METRO

Two New Special Interest Groups Form at METRO

Our Special Interest Groups (SIGs) bring library professionals together to tackle issues of importance to our community. We're pleased to announce the formation of two exciting new SIGs that speak directly to some of the key issues of our time.

METRO's new Library 2.0 SIG focuses on the implementation and use of next generation library services: social networking tools, social tagging software, digital library systems, institutional repositories, subject repositories, federated search tools, next generation OPACS, and the protocols and programming tools that power these applications.

The SIG's co-conveners are Joanna DiPasquale (Web Design/Development Libraries Digital Program Division at Columbia University) and Kevin Reiss (Systems Librarian, Mina Rees Library, CUNY Graduate Center). As Kevin Reiss explains, the Library 2.0 SIG will "bring technically-minded METRO members together to discuss and demonstrate ways to build library services that take advantage of the latest technologies to better serve our customers."

The members of this SIG include systems librarians, web services librarians, digital librarians, and technically-inclined cataloguers and public services librarians.

The Green Librarianship SIG is a forum for sharing information on green resources and practices for libraries and their patrons. The SIG will also work on developing solutions and programs that address challenges to green practice (for example, by forming buying co-ops or consortia for nontoxic or recycled library materials such as printer paper). Along with sponsoring resource guides, lectures, and other events, the Green Librarianship SIG will, from time to time, invite speakers to address the group.

"We hope this SIG will benefit the METRO community by providing a source of information on environmental topics for librarians," says co-convener Rita Ormsby (Information Services Librarian and Assistant Professor at the William and Anita Newman Library of Baruch College). "It will also be a resource for helping librarians provide library users with information on environmental issues."

"The other strength of this SIG," adds co-convener Brita Servaes (Undergraduate Services Librarian at the Raymond Fogelman Library of The New School), "Is that both library staff and librarians are welcome to join. You don't have to be an ‘environmental expert' to participate. You just need to have an interest in sharing information and learning more about practical solutions and research issues surrounding green practices." Learn more about the Green Librarianship SIG.

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