Tools for Digital Collections Series


METRO, in conjunction with AudioVisual Preservation Solutions and as part of the Keeping Collections project, is offering monthly, $5, 2-hour, after-work, hands-on tutorials focused on specific tools for managing digital collections.

All events will take place from 4pm-6pm at METRO. Registration is open for the first session. Click on the first session below to head to the registration page.

For future sessions, registration generally opens 6 weeks ahead of time. Follow METRO’s listserv or Twitter feed for registration and other announcements.

February 19 (Tuesday) – Adobe Bridge & Photoshop
March 19 (Tuesday) – Spreadsheets for Data Management
April 17 (Wednesday) – Google Refine
May 13 – (Monday) File fixity and checksum tools
June 18 (Tuesday) – BagIt & Bagger
July 16 (Tuesday) – ExifTool

Visit the Keeping Collections site for more information about services available to all not-for-profit organizations working to collect, preserve, and make available archival materials in New York City and Westchester County.