ALA Releases Tip Sheet On DRM For Libraries

Members of the METRO community may be interested in a new tip sheet on digital rights management (DRM), put together by the Digital Content and Libraries Working Group of the American Library Association. This three-page document provides a quick overview of DRM, what it means for libraries, how libraries can stay informed and participate in the dialog surrounding DRM issues. The following is from the official release from the ALA Washington Office:

In an effort to help the library community better understand and adapt to the growth of digital content, the ALA has released a tip sheet (pdf) that provides background on digital rights management—systems producers, publishers and vendors use to control what users can do with electronic files, such as e-books, DVD films, and other media.

We encourage library community members, librarians and supporters to use the tip sheet to provide additional information for interested parties. We also encourage librarians to keep the guide at the front desk of their libraries to answer to spark conversations with library patrons or simply answer any questions they may have about DRM.

The ALA Digital Content Working Group created the tip sheet. The working group is charged to advise the association regarding opportunities and issues related to libraries and digital content and the provision of equitable access to digital content for all.

For a more extensive look at some of the issues related to DRM, E-books, and various models that libraries are experimenting with, please also see Brett Bonfield's blog post from earlier today, "The Ebook Cargo Cult."