The METRO Fellowship: Pitch Your Library Challenges Today

Starting this September, METRO will host a cohort of fellows whose work will be determined by the real-world challenges faced by you, our members.

Help us prepare for their arrival by sharing your library challenges. For the next several weeks, we will be collecting problems of practice you see in your daily work. Your submissions will inform the work our fellows will undertake for nine months beginning later in 2016.

As your ideas are submitted, they will be reviewed and published on the METRO Fellowship website. Each submission will then be open to comments from across the METRO membership.

METRO staff and a fellowship advisory council will work with each institution individually to understand and refine their pitches. This process will surface some of the hidden opportunities for cross-institutional collaboration and provide opportunity for our fellows to solve the everyday challenges we face in common.

Please sign up here to share your challenges. And, as always, reach out to us with your questions.