Takin' It to the Streets: myMETRO Researchers Bring Library Science Skills, Expertise to NYC Communities


Creative Commons-licensed photo courtesy of WanderingtheWorld on Flickr.

On January 18, 2012, four teams of myMETRO members embarked on research projects to investigate cutting edge topics of their choice, including Occupy Wall Street, Fashion Blogging, Lifelong Learning, and Social Media. In July, they reconvened to present their work and share their experiences. The work done by these groups was completely voluntary — born out of their strong desire to contribute their skills and expertise as librarians and information professionals to communities and issues they are passionate about. As we learned from their presentations and reports, this was a tremendous learning experience for both the researchers and the groups with which they worked. Kudos to everyone for their hard work!

Occupy Wall Street

Members: Darcy Gervasio (SUNY Purchase), Angela Ecklund (Rutgers), Arieh Ress
The final deliverable is an annotated bibliography accompanied by an analytical introductory statement/discussion (a mini literature review). The resources they gathered were sent to the organizers of and OWS event on climate change, Connect the Dots.

Read the annotated bibliography here

Fashion Blogging 

Members: Marie Sciangula (SUNY Purchase), Kim Detterbeck (SUNY Purchase), Nicole LaMoreaux (LIM College)

The final deliverable includes a literature review, information gathering methodology, conclusions drawn from survey results, and overall observations about the research methods and information needs of fashion bloggers. The intended audience is primarily researchers/librarians working with/for fashion bloggers.

Read the report here.

Lifelong Learning 

Members: Susan Chute, Robert Weiss, Marilyn Kahn-Wilen, Rajni Misra

The final deliverable includes:

  • Definition of lifelong learning as it relates to the senior population and other demographics, with commentary based on current research, including the social component of programs.
  • Descriptions of current national initiatives.
  • Field research of local implementations: descriptions of selected Lifelong Learning sites in the METRO region.
  • Samples of senior initiatives in METRO area public libraries, including NYPL.
  • Overview of opportunities to learn at home (online, telephone).
  • Summary of libraries and lifelong learning in local communities and accompanying bibliography.

Read the report here

Social Media

Members: Evelyn Shunaman (Queens College GSLIS), Judy Lee, Ann McGettigan

The myMetro Research Project helped Friends of PS 217 by providing research and guidance in the following areas:

  • determining methods to identify potential donors and other funding sources
  • using social media effectively in this effort
  • creating appropriate content for social media tools
  • identifying best practices (and lessons learned) from similar groups operating elsewhere

Read the report here

If you are interested in participating in a future phase of this project, please contact METRO Member Services Manager, Tom Nielsen.