Surveying the Effects of Sandy on Libraries, Archives, and Museums

UPDATE: With power restored to our area, METRO reopened on November 5, 2012. 

Public transportation is creeping back into action, the roads are jammed with cars, and METRO's main office is -- like many in the region -- still without power. We're working remotely to assess the impact of Sandy on libraries, archives, and museums in the metropolitan NY region. If you're able, please take a moment to let us know how your institution has fared -- including those fortunate stories where your library, archive, or museum escaped relatively unscathed. We may share information about volunteering to help your institution recover, but all other responses will remain confidential and will only be visible to METRO staff. 

If you are an individual interested in volunteering to help institutions in-need, please let us know here


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Author: Jason Kucsma
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