Reports from our 2015 myMETRO Researchers

Our 2015 round of myMETRO Researchers projects culminated in our annual showcase, hosted by our myMETRO Special Interest Group here at METRO on October 28. We were happy to see the results of four projects, each of which provided a deep view into a fascinating aspect of the LAM profession.

The papers presented at the meeting (and in print below) are 9 months in the making. Our myMETRO Researchers kick-off meeting took place way back in January, and the months in between have been full of activity. From producing research mechanisms, attending check-in meetings, and even receiving advice from previous myMETRO Researchers teams, all 10 of our Researchers gained a tremendous amount of ground in their research skills.

Without further ado, here are this year's four reports:

Finding Artists’ Books Collections in New York City  (view here)

  • Roberta Brody

Preservation in Practice: A Survey of New York City Academics Engaged in Digital Humanities (view here)

  • Nik Dragovic
  • Hannah Silverman
  • Malina Thiede

Visual Literacy Meets Information Literacy: Academic libraries address the new challenges of the 21st Century (view here)

  • Judith Schwartz

A Proposal for a Hudson Yards/Hell's Kitchen Library (view here)

  • Pauline Rothstein
  • Brigid Cahalan
  • Ellen Locker
  • Adriana Palmer 


It's been great working with each of our teams! We can't wait to see what next year brings for myMETRO Researchers past and present.